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Monsula" Nickel 7" (1992)

To see my list of ten great Lookout Records singles (part one) please go visit The Big Takeover.

Monsula (Paul Lee on vocals, Chuck Goshert on guitar, Bill Schnieder on bass and Jeff Stofanon drums) got tagged as sounding "D.C." a lot in their time. There seemed to be a doppelganger District of Columbia hidden in the East Bay with bands like Fuel, Jawbreaker and Monsula playing a gritty, emotional brand of punk that could make Ian Mackaye bob his bald head. Unlike most of their fellow Lookout Records bands (more HERE) and more like their D.C. counterparts, Monsula's songs grew less hooky and more complex as they evolved. This musical shift led some minimalist-types to conclude that the searing "Razors", from their debut E.P., Nickel, was their greatest moment.

So while it's inarguable that 'Razors' is the band's most remembered song (it was re-recorded for their debut album and covered by Cringer) the band were a pummeling live band (they played Winnipeg twice in the early 90's) and their debut album, Structure, has some kick-ass songs like "Indestructible".

A1         Firecracker        
A2         Missing You        
B1         Razors        
B2         When Will It End

Monsula at the Royal Albert Arms Hotel, Winnipeg MB Canada, 1992

So what do you think of Monsula? Of Razors? Let us know in the COMMENTS section (which is where you'll find the Nickel 7" link).

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  2. Both LP`S they did are fantastic

    1. I liked the first better than the second but maybe that's just me.

  3. Just put sanitized on... I have always liked Monsula and they stand the test of time as well. I remember going to the Bay area for the first time and my friend scored a Monsula shirt that somebody had screened Sunny syndicate records? on the inside of.

    1. After they played here, there was a rash of their shirts (the ones with the logo near the bottom of the shirt) all over town.

  4. Saw them in Victoria with Lance Hahn (RIP) in the line-up. They were amazing. And yes, I do love "Razors".

    1. Thta's probably the same tour I saw them on - they really did a cross-Canada check-up!


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