Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Screeching Weasel: Punk Rock Superheroes (Demos and Live)

Yesterday's episode, The Tragedy of the Weasel - see HERE, generated some smart responses, so in hopes of furthering the discussion here's a bootleg that collects up the Screeching Weasel's 1986 demo and a 1992 (?) radio broadcast from the venerable WMFU.


1986 Demo

1         Society        
2         Serial Killer        
3         I Can't Stand Myself        
4         I Hate You        
5         Whip You/Shopping Spree        
6         Don't Touch My Car/Mother        
7         Fred Is Dead        
8         Fast Food        
9         In The Hospital        
10         Leave Me Alone        
11         Work        
12         Raining Weasels/Pick Up        
13         K-Mart        
14         Feel Like Shit        
15         Oscar Myer/Nothing Matters        
16         Devil At McDonalds        
17         I Hate Old Folks/Cows        
18         You're So Boring        
19         Stupid Hippy        
20         Bullshit

Live On WMFU Radio (1992?)

21         I Can See Clearly        
22         Teenage Freak Show        
23         Daddy Is A Whip        
24         Jeannie's Got A Problem ...       
25         High School Psychopath        
26         Joanie Loves Johnny        
27         Murder In The Brady House        
28         I Wanna Be A Homosexual        
29         What We Hate        
30         Don't Turn Off The Lights        
31         Guest List        
32         Veronica Hates Me        
33         Ding Bat       
34         Cindy Is On Methadone        
35         Supermarket Fantasy        
36         Science Of Myth/Crying In My Beer

Leave us your thoughts on the Weasel in the COMMENTS section (where you'll find the Punk Rock Superheroes link).


  1. http://www.mediafire.com/?dpmm3jfvafwcmc3

  2. Saw some of yesterdays comments regarding the Weasel's charming and chivalrous behavior. It's good to remember sometimes that Gandhi beat his wife. He went on to achieve greatness in spite of it, as did another serial wife beater, John Lennon. I doubt the Weeze will get that far but more power to 'im.

    1. Everyone's imperfect but when someone does something everyone knows is wrong and then, essentially, defends it as his 'character' it blurs the lines.

  3. I wish "Devil at McDonalds" and "You're so boring" had been cleaned up and put onto an album. And the alternate opening to Jockpunk is pretty great. lol.

    In Richmond VA most clubs have bouncers that kick you out for getting too drunk and making a scene, or fucking with the band. If SxSW had a decent bouncer then the girl wouldn't have gotten punched and nobody would even be talking about this shit. Also would everyone be up in arms if Ben punched a drunk dude in the face? Probably not, it just would've been funny.

    1. Well he only tried to punch the women, when the guys showed up he all of a sudden went limp.

  4. anyone who has these demos/live weasel 86-87 material and is willing to make me a cdr or two of it all, plese email me. I will be eternally grateful!


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