Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Queers: Later Days and Better Lays

I love New Hampshire pop-punk legends The Queers but I bet their leader, Joe 'King' Queer, would hate me. Sure I kicked off this blog with a defense of the genius of Mr. Queer (way back HERE) but I've publicly said that his long-time friend Ben Weasel needs a kick in the morals (see HERE). I'd stand by that statement, even if Joe called me a 'wimp' or something even worse: the man's a virtuoso of the epithet.

So to celebrate the music of the Joe & his ever-changing Queers, here' s an out-of-print collection from Lookout Records (more HERE) that collects up a schwack of demos (and one single) that show the band's punkier side without obscuring the pop side altogether. And damn that pop-no-punk-no-pop-no-punk aspect of The Queers is what elevates them above so many of their Ramones-worshiping peers.

1         Granola Head        
2         I Hate Everything        
3         Murder In The Brady House
Written-By – Ben Weasel
4         I Won't Be        
5         Nobody Likes Me        
6         I Can't Stop Farting        
7         Night Of The Livid Queers        
8         Monster Zero        
9         Too Many Twinkies        
10         Teenage Bonehead        
11         Half Shitfaced        
12         Hi Mom It's Me        
13         I Live This Life        
14         Feeling Groovy        
15         Born To Do Dishes        
16         Junk Freak        
17         No Tit        
18         Little Honda
Written-By – Brian Wilson
19         End It All
Written-By – Kim Shattuck
20         I Can't Get Over You
Written-By – Lsa Marr
21.1         Never Ever
Written-By – JJ Rassler
21.2         God Only Knows
Written-by Brian Wilson, Tony Asher

Let us know what you think of Joe & co.s pop/punk style in the COMMENTS section (where you'll find the Later Days and Better Lays  link).

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  1. Let us know what you think of Joe & co.s pop/punk style


  2. I do love me some Queers, I just haven't found an album that I like back to front yet. My loss once again.

    On a slightly different note: while it's no "Virgin Killer", something about that album cover and title combo make me a little uncomfortable. Or am I wrong in thinking that's a pre-war pre-teen girl...?


  3. Hey there, several tracks on this DL are incomplete. At least "Can't Stop Farting," "Livid Queers," and "Monster Zero." Could you re-up plz (unless I sneezed or something and effed it up on my end)?

  4. Was this ever available on vinyl??



  5. Have these guys even made a good record in the past 15 years or so?

    1. Beat Off was good, and that's about 15 years ago (actually, it's 18, but it's pretty close). Don't Back Down, Beyond the Valley...

    2. I think Munki Brain was one of their best, but I like their wussy-pop stuff best.


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