Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jessie (Ex-Leatherface): S/T (1998)

Before reconvening Leatherface (more HERE), Frankie Stubbs tried one more monosyllabic new band name following the break-up of Pope. Of course, with Stubbs inimitable growl, guitar sound and lyrical bent front and center it still sounds awfully Leatherface-ish albeit a bit prettier, if you're willing to believe that.

A1 Indestructable
A2 Smarm
A3 Gone Fishing
A4 Everwas
A5 Jack Christ...
A6 As Your Mind Closed Mine Was Opening
A7 Rant
B1 World
B2 Dogsong
B3 Room
B4 Paradoxical Thing
B5 Handful Of Earth
B6 Big Freeze
B7 Truly Beautiful


So? Whadya think of this Stubbs band? Let us know in the COMMENTS section


  1. Let us know what you think of this Stubbs band RIGHT HERE!

  2. oh man pope and jesse all in the same week!!!! and its not even my birthday. thanks for this post!

  3. It's OK matey man. Haven't been here in a long time amigo.

  4. Thanks a lot for uploading this stuff! Hope it means a Leatherface re-up gets a bit more likely. Great job anyway.


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