Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pope (ex-Leatherface): JohnPaulGeorgeRingo (1997)

Frankie Stubbs, like so many punk singers before him, learned that a band by any other name does not rock so sweetly. Unless you're in Fugazi or Rancid, the records that bear your punk band's original name are gonna get the praise and the sales. So, even though Stubbs' first post-break-up band sounds rather a lot like Leatherface (though perhaps a bit sombre) the album sunk with little notice. However, Leatherface's American label, BYO Records did sneak some of the Pope tracks onto their Leatherface compilation entitled The Last, perhaps proving that in the punkiverse there's a hell of a lot in a name.

1 Plebs
2 Fine
3 Redhouse
4 Laughing Melancholia
5 Promised
6 Kingsane
7 Cracks
8 Alone
9 Something About America

So why do punk bands get stuck with the first name under which they found notoriety? Let us know what you think in the COMMENTS section (which is where you'll find the Pope link).


  1. Hey if you appreciate re-ups, like this one for God's sake leave a a word or two!

  2. thanks for this one

  3. I'm sure there are more than afew people like me who appreciate the time and effort you have put into this excellent blog. You are indeed a curator with excellent taste. Many thanks to you, sir.

  4. love me some Frankie stubbs, would it be possible to reup spazzys discography?
    and thanks for the great blog!

  5. thanks for posting this!!!
    i love leatherface but i have never ever heard frankie's pope or jesse.

  6. Donnerwetter!!!! Never heard of this one and I'm a Leatherface nerd.
    How can such a cool plate rushing past me? Damn It!
    Thanx for postin' Jeffen!, take this immediately for my vacation.
    discogs said it would be released 1994, I think he recorded the songs together with the Jesse one's....anyway....brilliant stuff!!!


  7. Thanks for this. I was just thinking, if the internet had been as it is today some 20-30 years ago when I had much more time and energy for music, I clearly would not have gotten anything done. I would, of course, be much more musically literate. It may have been worth it...Brian

  8. This music is great. Thanks for posting all the Leatherface and Frankie Stubbs stuff.

  9. Been so long matey. Well thanks for this I am DL it so I thought I would at least thank you for you time and thought.

    But I never knew leatherface was a punk band. I always though rich boy college alt rock. But I still enjoyed them. I actually enjoyed the Jesse LP the most.

  10. Thanks, y'all: you made me glad I putthis back up!

  11. Thanks a lot for this!


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