Thursday, September 12, 2013

Transistors: You Life Could Be So Easy! (2013)

Is This Anything? cover art

Transistors are an indie-pop-punk from New Zealand who fit with that island's reputation for clever, idiosyncratic pop (See: Nun, Flying) but with a lot more oomph! I particularly love this perfectly-executed video which amuses, while pummeling you with the chorus till you just surrender!

The entire album is available for streaming over at the ever-excellent Bandcamp:

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  1. wow!! cheers for letting me know about these guys.......I'm in NZ & I'd never heard anything about them. Trouble with NZ is the music press only ever seems to publish/promote top 30 chart stuff or the latest hip-hop or poppy-pop-girl-band etc etc.

    1. Yeah I often need sites from other spots in the world to tell me about great bands from my own country (Canada) because of a similar lameness in our music press (such as it is!)
      Glad you enjoyed.

  2. I love this video. Just picked up the CD and got done listening to it, and I must say there is no let up in quality from start to finish. One of the best high energy punk-pop records I've heard this year. I'm surprised its not getting much press, seemingly.

    I hear they opened for the Buzzcocks when they toured NZ and it sounds like an inspired choice to me, though I hear a little Mission of Burma in what they do also.

  3. Buzzcocks and MoB would be good points of comparison.


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