Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Toxic Reasons: Kill By Remote Control (1984)

I've praised Dayton Ohio's long-lived hardcore powerhouse, Toxic Reasons before (see HERE) but was inspired by a recent comment to share with you the band's second LP, 1984's Kill By Remote Control.

While it doesn't have as many stand-out tracks as 1982's Independence,  it's a devastating record, particularly the UK version offered here, which appended the extra tracks from the band's Statement of Purpose EP: "God Bless America".

A1         Stuck In A Rut     3:37    
A2         Destroyer     2:37    
A3         Juniors Friends     1:41    
A4         Revolution ?     3:31    
A5         Powercrazed     2:39    
A6         God Bless America        
B1         No Pity     2:50    
B2         Limited Nuclear War     2:21    
B3         Looking At The World     2:34    
B4         Break The Bank     2:41    
B5         Harvest     3:55

Let us know what you think of the 2nd T.R. LP in the COMMENTS SECTION!

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  1. Got a few more TR treats, if you've got the COMMENTS....

  2. One of my favorites of all time. Just freezes a moment in time for me. Thanks Jeffen.

  3. This album was one bad motherfucker. Never got into INDEPENDECE tho, but this one was a killer.


    1. I'm big on Independence but this a helluva a follow-up, especially from a band who had just lost their lead vocalist.

  4. This album rules. Thanks for posting it!


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