Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mad Parade: Cat-Bitten Tongue (1996)

Unlike some of their early 80's SoCal pop/punk/hardcore brethren like Bad Religion or Social Distortion, Mad Parade has never had a really wide audience. Like Channel 3 or D.I., the band has had to make do by building a narrower but yet surprisingly far-reaching following.

Mad Parade has pulled off the cult following thing with style and grit. Their discography is spread out over almost thirty years but remains committed to Anglo-American punk/pop hybrid full of catchy sing-along choruses , layers of roaring guitars and never-say ballad rhythms.

Cat-Bitten Tongue is 1996 single demonstrates the band's fidelity to it's loud, catchy n' pissed-off sound (even their mid-80's album where their label made them pout prettily on the cover still sounds like a Mad Parade record which you can't say for most of their peers). Besides the two rocking originals, the EP contains a cover of their under-known compatriots, The Stepmothers' song "If I Were You".

1     Concentration Girls     4:02    
2     A.W.O.L.                   3:04    
3     If I Were You              1:44

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  1. Got more MAD PARADE rarities if you have the COMMENTS!

  2. Thanks for this. Mad Parade were great live and the first album is a certifiable classic.

    Tons of lineup changes over the years, too.

    And I, for one, would love to hear more of what you've got by them.

    1. I've yet to see them live but it may well happen one day...

      More to come, thanks to the good words.

  3. Nice one Jeffen, the band are good friends of mine and my old band The Forgotten have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the on many occasions. They still play the odd show here and there in LA. They have toured with some great bands for sure...Lurkers, 999, and Undertones all come to mind

    1. Kenny,
      Thanks for the update on this great band.
      Fell free to let the guys in the band know about the site. If they object to some of the out-of-print rarities being up here, I can remove 'em.

  4. At one point in the early 2000s James Stevenson of Chelsea fame was managing them around the time of God Bless America. At least as I recall. Don't think that lasted long. Maybe Kenny can provide some insight.

  5. Phil you are correct, and it lasted a short period of time. They broke up at one point due to some issues and they parted ways with James. They are a great band. I am glad they are back playing the odd gig here and there. Live they are a great band. Truly unappreciated.

    And Jeffen, I will let them know about this site. I think they would be flattered more than anything

    1. Phil/Kenny
      Thanks for that really cool tidbit. It's fitting they'd be so connected to a '77 UK band!

      P.S. Kenny, thanks for passing on the site to the band. I hope they'll enjoy it - in the five years I've been doing MRML, I've never had a single band be unhappy with what I do here.

  6. Great to hear this. I first heard MP when I bought the Flipside Vinyl Fanzine, Vol. 3, which had a version of 'Second Chances' on it, way back in the '80s. (That version will always be *the* version for me, since I heard it before I heard the version from the A Thousand Words LP.) Good to know they're still around.


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