Friday, August 21, 2009

Boris the Sprinkler: (She Digs My) New Wave Records

Rev. Norb is a caffeinated Kerouac, a rambling, blabbering logorrhoeic motherfucker. Just the kinda lunatic who might've found a home on Stiff Records if he'd been from Akron rather than Green Bay and had been plying his trade in '78 rather than '98. Rev. Norb may not be the greatest song-writer of his generation or even his genre but his verbal acuity (he wrote the tiny-printed zine Sick Teen in the eighties before becoming one of MaximumRocknRoll's few great columnists) translates pretty well into music; like the hate-child of Patti Smith and Ian Dury fronting the Ramones.

(Run off groove is "A Dorky Prime Cut" in homage to all those Stiff singles with "A Porky Prime Cut" in their run-off groove.)

Rev. Norb, in a column I can still recall lo these many years, wrote a rant about how punk is re-made by every generation and hence its longevity (it was better written than that, trust me). The point remains the same, punk rock (and all its good, simple, propulsive precedents and antecedents) is unkillable, regardless of the trend du jour. It's always been my hope that this tiny, two-bit forum can scream out this thesis, punk rock is not the light in the refrigerator that goes out when you shut the door, rather it's grubby bulb shines on and on.

Download She Digs my New Wave Records 7"

(Rev. Norb with his signature antler helmet plus his M + M costume)


  1. "hi, we're the replacements"? I am intigued.

  2. These guys were great. I have seen them several times at the Concert Cafe in Green Bay. Their shows were always a rockin' spectacle.

  3. Nazz
    Thematically the 20/20 cover is a snazzy fit but the TMBG is the odd-song out (but not by too much).

    Garage Punk
    I saw them with the Queers and the Teen Idols in '96 and they put on a - "rockin' spectacle" (perfect phrase for it).

  4. I can't express how cool it is to find this blog! Apparently our musical tastes overlap by maybe 20%, but it's a 20% I love, & I don't know nearly so well as I'd like. Seriously, thanks so much--not just for tunes, but for respect of the art around them & for your clear, thoughtful comments.

  5. Maven
    Thanks for the great feedback. I find with all the bloggers I read I have a certain percentage of overlap but I'd like to think a good blog can nudge that percentage up by connecting disparate genres.


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