Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Lords of the New Church: Like A Virgin

At the end of the Lords of the New Church's reign of terror, things got ugly, Robespierre ugly. In one of their final moments in the spotlight, they executed a version of Madonna's wafer-thin pop confection, "Like A Virgin". The Lords' take is like that sick joke someone tells you so fast you forget you're not supposed to laugh. Musically, it''s pretty threadbare (only Bators and James perform here, the rhythms were ghost-played by programmable machines). The final result is every bit as pretty as that grisly cover would indicate.

Nearing their final demise the Lords issue the Psycho Sex 12" in 1986. For this e.p. the band was reduced to obscure French indie label Bondage International after their major label deal with I.R.S. lapsed. This particular version of of the e.p. also contains two songs from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre II soundtrack. It's not particularity dire, just unnecessary; but that's never stopped a good obsessive now has it?.

Download Psycho Sex 12"

(Sorry no go on this one, unless someone can offer a rip to us.)


  1. A great series of posts loving yer acid tongue. It was live that the Lords ruled, stripped away from the production, can't help you with that live at The Spit on, but I have got another live one I'm due to post sometime soon. All the best and Stay Free!

  2. Ditto on the acid tongue! Sorry I can't help with the Live Spit one either. I have got a couple of live shows of theirs on video floating about which I will try to get up in the nearish future. Remind me if you don't see them in the next month or so mate.

    Oh yea,cheers for Like A Virgin. I never brought it(you know why!)

  3. Thanks for the posts. got "like a virgin" on vinyl but my turntable's in storage =( B good to hear again... Do you have any info on the live one ? I have two live recordings one's from the BBC but the other says it's a vinyl rip from N.J. I think but nothing about what the name of the LP is or art... if by chance it is the one I'll get it to you... Cheers

  4. Nuzz
    Thanks for the 'acid-tongue' (no light praise for a man of strong words like yourself). I look forward to the live stuff (these songs do gain someting when stripped-down.

    It's strange for an official release how hard 'Spit' is to find ('live at the Peppermint Lounge' is all I seem able to find). Yeah Like a Virgin' is fascinating but not really good per se. I first heard it on Killer Lords no this single.

    Thanks for the comment, glad to help till the vinyl gets dragged out again.
    Here's the info on "Spit":
    "This recording is taken from The Lords first American tour, and was broadcast live on W.B.C.N. Boston Radio.

    A1 New Church
    A2 Livin On Livin
    A3 Eat Your Heart Out
    A4 Russian Roulette
    A5 Fortune Teller
    B1 Open Your Eyes
    B2 Girls Girls Girls
    B3 Holy War
    B4 Apocolypso
    B5 New Church"

  5. Rev (after following link)
    That, Mr. Solger, is a fuckin' impressive resume!
    Great story about Solger's battle with Stiv and the Dead Boys here:

  6. Awesome posts Jeff! Unnecessary is a good way of describing that last 12". It gave me unpleasant feelings the first time I heard it.

    Great Solger link - I actually sold Mr. Nixon a copy of the Bag of Hammers reissue off of ebay as well. Really nice guy. Small world.

  7. Steve
    Thanks for the good words, even if they helped inspired me to post more unnecessary LotNC!
    Small worlds indeed, are you from Winnipeg Steve?

  8. Yessir Jeff, it's yer old pal Steve Carney here - I really enjoy reading your posts - thanks for sharing the music!

  9. Steve!

    We gotta do a rock walk this month (won't somebody please think of the children).
    We'll talk.


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