Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lou Reed: Live at the Bottom Line 1977

"It's the music that kept us all intact.You should have two radios, in case one gets broken"
Lou Reed

"Hi MRML, thanks for the second LP of the out-of-print VU LP. As a thank you. I'm adding...a great Lou Reed boot, Live at the Bott0m Line (with) great sound quality. Note Lou's vocals on "Satellite of Love", he reminds me of Johnny Rotten? Cool stuff !!! Anyways here ya go..."

Thanks to Revolutionary Bum for the guest post!

Live at the Bottom Line

Plus here's a live Moe Tucker show from 2002. Thanks again Rev.

It is my hope that every reader here interested enough to take this bootleg has supported (and will continue to support) the Velvet Underground and those strange twist and turns of the solo careers of Lou Reed, John Cale and Moe Tucker.


  1. Hey cool ! You posted them. I hope every one enjoys these ! Thanks :D

  2. Yeah lots of visitors for it so hopefully they all enjoyed it.

    Thanks once more.

  3. Hey I'm one of the many who have enjoyed these! many thanks from me, and i'm sure from all the others. Keep up the great work you guys. So much great music by these great artists. ;-)

  4. Boz
    Hey glad someone finally left some words here, and that you enjoyed this offering.

  5. Loving these. Thanks for making them available.


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