Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dillinger Four vs. the Strike

These two nineties Minneapolis punk bands matched punk and politics with furious tunes and, unlike many of their contemporaries, had a working knowledge of musical history. Each band here contributes an original and a cover of an older Brit-folk-punk song, Tom Robinson's "Ain't Gonna Take It" in the Strike's case and the Pogues "Sally Maclennane" for Dillinger Four. The Strike broke-up after singing to Victory Records in 1999 but D4 went from Hopeless Records to Fat Wreck-Chords gaining popularity despite putting out only two albums in the aughts.

I saw a show with D4 and the Strike in Minneapolis in '99 and each kicked ass in their own particular way. However, despite the truth that either of the first two Dillinger Four singles best the first Strike single, D4's first album felt like a let-down, whereas each of the Strike's full-lengths were devastating. But I may be in the minority on this one...

MRML Readers: Leave us a comment and tell us who would win in a battle to the death between the Strike and Dillinger Four.

Rebels' Choice 7"

Dillinger Four @ Interpunk
Dillinger Four @ MySpace
Dillinger Four @ Angel Fire
The Strike on Music Ruined My Life


  1. The DF4 rule- I was lucky enuff to see em a couple of times in the last year or so- their new album is pretty good too.

  2. I saw a show with the two of 'em in MPLS during the summer of '96. D4 was the better band that night, but The Strike have a special place in my heart...

  3. I enjoyed both bands on this record when i first bought it way back when , and searched out and bought their other releases . These days still reach for the 7"'s from both bands and Lp's from the Strike . The D4 Lps have made their way to the back of the stack for the time being .

  4. I can never thank Strike Micah enough for giving me his old amp. That thing needs a little bit of a tune up (as it were) but still kicks ass.

    On the other hand, I remain a bit peeved with Mike P. for losing my Strike cd (now available from amazon for the modest sum of $205.18.)

    Win some, lose some.

  5. Nazz
    Yeah I want to check out Civil War, sticking around and staying good is the toughest trick in punk rock.

    Both great live bands with awesome recorded work. No losers here.

    I remember how everybody was releasing seven inches by the score back in the mid-nineties. It's amazing how many were really good.

    Well thanks to your scan I'll be able to post a new version for everyone (not the same I know but..)

  6. mnpunk
    You do great work over there,sir, thanks for the link.

  7. Dillinger Four all the way. They're full of maximum piss and vinegar.

  8. But the Strike were "Kicking ass for the working class"!


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