Saturday, November 13, 2010

Battle of the Comebacks: Bangles vs. Go-Go's

As the aughts dawned, both
The Go-Go's (2001) and The Bangles (2003) hit the comeback trails, each with a famous man in tow.

The Go-Go's were first off with a roaring single (from the kinda flat album, "God Bless...") called "Unforgiven", which they wrote (and recorded) with Green Day leader Billie Joe Armstrong:

Not long after, The Bangles re-emerged with a rockin' cover of a (then) brand-new Elvis Costello track, called, rather awkwardly, "Tear Off Your Own Head (It's a Doll Revolution). While not the single (that was reserved for the more radio-ready ballad "Something That You Said") it was the title track of the album, the lead-off song and the one they debuted on this ABC TV show.

Weigh in with a comment
MRML readers, who had the better comeback track - The Go-Go's or The Bangles?


  1. Of the two choices given here I'd have to go with The Go-Go's track. It's got more energy and a much more "in-your-face-Springfield!" kinda hook.

    Through all these posts I've been reminded of the fact that the Bangles were, in her young teens, my wife's favorite band. She once told me how her Dad had played the cruel April Fool's day joke of telling her that the Bangles were to shortly play her fair burg. The revealing of this ruse poisoned her forever in the "Guess who's coming to town?!" excitement department.

  2. The Bangles have it over the Go-Gos! Better song, bigger production, and it seems like the band all really want to be there!

  3. Bangles fer sure! They work the Costello magic on this cut.

  4. I bought both the albums when they came out, and the Go-Go's one is the winner, hands down. I still play it--the Bangles one got traded in.

  5. Close call, but The Bangles are the winners.

  6. The Go-Go's by two hair follicles...

  7. The Bangles. Better band, better song, better looks.

  8. CPB
    Damn that's a goo/sad story - had to make reference to it in the follow-up post.

    I'm surprised the Bangles tune took the vote as I thought it came a strong second tho the Go-Go's one but I'm happy as hell so many people had a strong onion.


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