Wednesday, November 24, 2010

V.A. Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan Volume Fifteen

Here's another dose of Dylan done differently, including a few MRML favoured-acts like John Wesley Harding, Peter Case and Richard Thompson (with the Performing Gibsons) and a heavy shot of classic rock (which fortunately includes early vintage Yardbrids and Joe Cocker but unfortunately also, Bob Weir's Ratdog) that will have varying degrees of interest to readers here, though hopefully many of us can unite against dreadful Was (Not Was) track.

From OH MERCI (Jul 4, 1993, KCRW, Santa Monica, CA)

01 Black Crow Blues – Peter Case
02 I Don’t Believe You – Cindy Lee Berryhill
03 Intro to Mr. Alice – Don Was
04 Mr. Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore – Was (Not Was)
05 Dear Landlord – John Wesley Harding
06 Tears of Rage – George Gerdes and John Wesley Harding


07 Odds and Ends – Black Crowes (Sep 17, 2005, Dodge Theater, Phoenix, AZ)
08 Maggie’s Farm – Ratdog (Jun 22, 1997, Lakewood Amphitheatre Atlanta, GA)
09 Don’t Think Twice – James Taylor (May 16, 2006, Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO)
10 I Pity the Poor Immigrant – Planxty (Aug 1980, Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland)
11 Down in the Flood – Fairport Convention (Jul 16, 1974, BBC Studios, London, England)
12 It Takes a Lot to Laugh – Performing Gibsons (Apr 1971, BBC Radio One, London, England)
13 Country Pie – The Nice (Jun 2, 1969, BBC Studios, London, England)
14 Most Likely You Go Your Way – Yardbirds (Apr 14, 1967, Stockholm, Sweden)
15 I Shall Be Released – Joe Cocker (Oct 19, 1969, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA)
16 Meet Me in the Morning – Rainer Ptacek (Dec 5, 1983, KXCI-FM Studios, Tucson, AZ)
17 All Along the Watchtower – Jeff Healey Band (Sep 24, 1990, Hammersmith Odeon, London, England)

Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan V. 15 link is in the comments.

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Thanks to Jeffs98119 for compiling these and to obatik for the images.
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  1. Can you please give the link for this wonderful series? Thanks


  2. LINK!!!

  3. Thanx a lot, another in a superb series.

  4. Great collection!! Especially the KCRW stuff. Thanks a lot!

  5. Bob Dylan is not a great singer, but the best composer and his words are very good.

  6. HI!
    Once Again a fabulous selection from the worlds best poet, musicmaker, lyricist, rocker, bluesman, gospel composer and yes, singer.
    Say what you want about his voice but damn, the man can sing.

    Just saw him in NJ and the consensus of the crowd was that yes, sometimes you can't understand the words or it takes a second to catch the song- though he seemed to be enunciating particularly well this show. Yes, he doesn't speak a word till the band announcement- but he seemed entirely engaged. yes, his voice is completely shot,BUT- it was the best Dylan show ever.
    His voice may be shot, but what he does with what is left is performance art/theater.

    But I digress.
    Thanks again for the great gifts you keep providing.

    I've recently started a Dylan focused blog here:
    Please come visit and give me a hello.

    I've got you linked.

  7. Thanks for keeping these coming. You've renewed my old passion for these songs and now I'm on a Dylan jag the likes of which I haven't had since college. Bless you.


    Thanks for keeping me inspired to keep at this series.

    P.S. Oh Mercy - Looks real good!

  9. This is a reeally great series. Thank you!

  10. Hi This is great stuff....I collect Dylan Covers and this is the highlight of my certainly is a labour of Love....I have started at Vol 18 and hope you will restart at some stage from Vol1...onwards to your first 100 Vols.
    Rgds Brian (starrieyed)


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