Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Mr. T Experience: Road To Ruin (1998)

Here at MRML we've discussed Berkley's The Mr. T Experience (see HERE), their leader, Dr. Frank (see HERE) and we've discussed Ramones clones (HERE and THERE). Today, we've decided to re-visit another one of our not-quite classic obscurities in the form of MTX's 1998 cover of the entire fourth Ramones album, 1978's Road to Ruin.

In previous discussions of this album, I've claimed that this recording "takes an inherently limited opportunity and makes a fist of it," but further listening will revel even more than that. Whether it's the electrification of "Questioningly" (with backing vocals by Penelope Houston of The Avengers), turning "Gone Mental" into an acoustic track or just the way Dr. Frank's very un-Joey-like phrasing subtly changes every song, the trio create something more worthy than it's limited edition run of 1,700 LP's suggests.

M1 I Just Want To Have Something To Do
M2 I Wanted Everything
M3 Don't Come Close
M4 I Don't Need You
M5 Needles And Pins
M6 I'm Against It
T1 I Wanna Be Sedated
T2 Go Mental
T3 Questioningly
T4 She's The One
T5 Bad Brain
T6 It's A Long Way Back
Let us know what you think of this one in the COMMENTS section (which is where you'll find the Road to Ruin link).

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  2. Thanks, don't think I've heard this fave Ramones knock off (I'm sure you are familiar with it) is "Leave Stockholm" by Gabba, a bunch of ABBA tracks done Ramones-style....way cool

  3. I helped release this record! Thanks for posting it; I do not think I have heard it since we released it. Gotta go now, memory lane is calling.

  4. I bought this through mail order when it was released. I found out about it from an ad in a fanzine. I sent cash through the mail to someone and a while later, a record showed up in the mail. Remember when that used to happen? I basically used MRR and Punk Planet like catalogs, which I'm sure the writers would love to hear. Still, how could you not do that? 7"s were $3.00 postage paid! I am old. Thanks for this. I still haven't gotten around to digitizing my copy. Now I don't have to.

  5. Oh, one more thing... wasn't this part of a series? I seem to remember Screeching Weasel and maybe The Queers doing track-by-track covers of other Ramones records... Didn't that happen?

  6. Big Scott
    I should listen to that GABBA again.

    When you get back from Memory Lane let me know if you have any stories about the release of the record. We love that kind of stuff here, even if its just incidental.

    A friend of mine who had no interest in punk rock once picked up one of my MRR's and said "this thing has more ads than ans issue of Vogue". I squirmed because not only because it was true but also because the ads and the reviews were the things i read most faithfully.


    Yup :

    (Scroll down to the bottom and work your way back to the top)


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