Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dot Dash: Winter Garden Light (2012)

"Spark>Flame>Ember>Dash", the debut album, by Washinton's DC's Dot Dash's  was a solid set of songs (review here) that brought together the indie-guitar sounds of the USA and UK but the band's new album, "Winter Garden Light" betters it on almost every level. It sounds like every group member has been allowed to break loose anything that was restrained on the first album. Just check out how "Writing on Wall", "La-La-Land" or "The Past is Another Country" all rip along; the hooks are more incessant, the guitars all hit harder and, crucially, drummer Danny Ingram sounds like he's been unleashed. Dot Dash debuted well but their second act's the clincher.




  1. thanks for the love! back atcha!
    danny i

  2. I did not hear their first but I really love this one. The last song reminds me of Ian McCulloch's candle land.


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