Thursday, November 29, 2012

Graham Parker And The Rumour: Tarrytown ( 2012-11-24)

Graham Parker (more HERE) and The Rumour's re-union has finally manifested itself in the form of the band's new album, the hideously-packaged but excellent Three Chords Good. and the new tour, from which we have a recording of their very first gig in Tarrytown, New York thanks to larryrulz.

01 stage entrance
02 Fool's Gold
03 Stop Cryin' About The Rain
04 Nothin's Gonna Pull Us Apart
05 Snake Oil Capital Of The World
06 intro to Get Started. Start A Fire
07 Get Started. Start A Fire
08 Watch The Moon Come Down
09 intro to Old Soul
10 Old Soul
11 Hotel Chambermaid
12 Live In Shadows
13 A Lie Gets Halfway 'Round The World
14 intro to Jacksonville
15 I'll Never Play Jacksonville Again
16 intro to Long Emotional Ride
17 Long Emotional Ride
18 Discovering Japan
19 Nobody Hurts You
20 Protection
21 Thunder And Rain
22 Coathangers
23 Local Girls

Encore 1
24 You Can't Be Too Strong
25 Passion Is No Ordinary Word
26 applause

Encore 2
27 Don't Ask Me Questions
28 Soul Shoes

GP fans - what do you think of the man's re-alliance with The Rumour?
Let us know in the COMMENTS section!

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  2. Got this message when I attempted to d/l pt. 1:

    Download not available
    File owner's public traffic exhausted.

  3. Hey Jeffen

    Looks like we are 'exhausted' by rapidshare!

    The GP & R album is excellent.


    1. Yeah, I bought my CD Saturday and I'm lovin' it!

  4. My friend JU and I saw them the next night in Poughkeepsie and they were HOT. Those guys can rock'n'roll for all it's worth, close to 2 hours worth. They may be senior citizens but they can put some young'uns to shame. The Figgs were hot, too. The new Rumour LP is great, maybe one weak song on it.

    1. Yeah there's a few songs I'm going back and forth upon but overall it's still pretty kick-ass!

  5. Rapidshare's new policy is preventing download.

    I am going to see them next Friday in NJ. Looking forward to it!!

    1. yeah RS has one sucky, I'm not sure where to go next..

  6. Dissapointed would have loved to hear this....I just did a Post featuring Fool's Gold coincidence or what!!!

  7. Thanks very much Jeffen, I can't make the show tonight, so this will be a welcome substitute. Rapidshare's working fine. I haven't listened to much of Graham's releases since he split with The Rumour; I wonder if the intensity is still there after 30 years.

    1. Sounds like the band still has the grit...Enjoy the show!

  8. Agree on all points. New album may not quite live up to the early classics, but holds its own in the GP canon. So great to hear them all playing together again. And, yeah, that album cover was an unfortunate decision.

  9. Saturday Night - Just downloaded both 1 & 2 from RS at the same time.

    Normally their free download policy would prohibit more than one download in any one hour.

    Don't quite get how or why I'm so damned lucky but I do know that GP is and has always been aces and considering all of the various phases that his music has been through, I'm thrilled that he's back to where I most appreciated his genius.

    Thanks Jeff

    Jeff McKee
    Richmond, Va

  10. Finally got the download to work. Thanks again!!

  11. Holy cow, a new GP show less than 2 weeks old??! Yummy!! THANKS A MIL

  12. hi any chance of putting this on zippyshare cant download on rs

  13. Just checking in after an absence and I am thrilled to see all the Graham Parker. Love the man. Keep it up. He's getting some good publicity from the "Life at 40" movie promotion.

    As for Mitt, everybody (including Republicans who voted for him just because he was not Obama) could see he was a phony. He's won only one election. People don't like him.

    But that video definitely did help. What's most amazing is that it is now a regular part of Republican orthodoxy that those who CURRENTLY do not make enough money to pay federal income taxes (although they pay plenty of other taxes) are a bunch of lazy parasites.

    I can't believe that we have come to the state where a good chunk of people can swallow the nonsense that only business owners are "job creators". Are you telling me that when I put my work in and help the company grow that I am not also a job creator?

    Ha, ha. You lost, Mitt and friends.


  14. Hey Jeffen ... a zippyshare d/l would be great.Thanks.After about 20 tries via rs I have given up.Cheers.

  15. For all you RS shut outs, the Tarrytown show is also available here:


    Peace out, Geno

  16. Persistence is a virtue ... got it!Thanks.


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