Sunday, December 16, 2012

Punk Aid: 'Ere's Your Xmas (2003)

This little three song'er will have to kick off my dis-contiguous series of Christmas posts. This wildly-tacky looking 2003 single is a benefit featuring TV Smith (The Adverts), Captain Sensible (The Damned), Charlie Harper (UK Subs) and Martin Newell (the Cleaners from Venus) which slags the pop charts in a pop chart-friendly kinda way. The song bears the Captain's theatrical absurdity ("Say Captain, Say Wot") and is pretty fun, as his re-make of the old Damned obscurity "There Ain't No Sanity Clause".

The big ticket item under this dead tree, however, is TV Smith's "Christmas, Bloody, Christmas" a broadside aimed squarely at the big man in the red suit's symbolic fat ass. While it attacks all that is ridiculous about the season, it's not terribly mean spirited, it just demands more of the season while being a virulent ear-worm (ask my eldest child and his none-too-pleased mother if you don't believe me!)

For more video of this TV Smith/UK Subs show from yesterday, go visit the ever-excellent Aural Sculptures.

 (Thanks to atvmpdiscography for the images)

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A few copies available here.

TV Smith's home Page

The Damned's home page

 UK Subs Homepage


  1. Hey, this little Christmas cracker deserves a word or two, don;t you think?

  2. Great,i remember reading years ago an online article by Martin Newell about the being of the video clip,but i'm unable to track down now,sorry,it was a very funny reading...all the best!

  3. thanks and merry christmas

  4. Thanks for the chance to hear this, I'm a sucker for xmas music particularly offbeat items.

  5. The TV Smith track is probably my favourite christmas song ever. Have a good one Jeff (and your family).

  6. xmas bloody xmas my favourite xmas song, i prefer the single version which has the cheesiest xmasiest tune with the most cynical lyrics

  7. Simply brilliant... Cheers!

  8. God bless Tiny Tim and ... TV Smith.

  9. perhaps this little lovely needs some attention.


  10. Thanks for this & the Wreckless Eric festive download.

  11. Thank you! Can't wait to hear the TV SMith... and probably play it on the radio Friday.

  12. Thanks for the comments, have a punk Christmas!


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