Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hitsville House Band ‎– The Girl With The Wandering Eye CD single (1996)

More Wreckless Eric (more HERE) Wrarities courtesy of our friend, French Bob.

1 The Girl With The Wandering Eye        4:10       
2 Lawrence Of Arabia On Ice                  4:56
3 Palace Of Tears                                     2:06

    Design – Northern Xposure
    Double Bass, Bass [Bowed] – Fabrice Lombardo
    Drums, Percussion – Denis Baudrillart
    Producer – Eric Goulden
    Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards [Clavoline] – Eric Goulden

MRML Readers,whaddaya think of this WE ultra-rarity?

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  1. Do let us know what you think!

  2. Thanks for Wreckless Eric!Much appreciated.

    Related to your twitter feed.I steal this from Tim Dickinson:

    'Like every other element of today's modern conservative machinery,the NRA works in the background to expand corporate power - while pretending to advance the interests of the little guy.'

  3. Like the other Hitsville House disc OK... no real stand outs yet... just competent latter day Pub w/ Americana inflection.

  4. Thank you both, I'm looking forward to hearing track 2.

  5. Great music, thanks guys! I don't think anyone else could have written "she had one eyeball that would wander around, and I had two that were glued to her ass".

  6. Thanks for all these WE posts! I took my wife to see him & Amy a few weeks back for her birthday then gave her all their CDs.

    Any chance of re-posting some of the older WE stuff? You reminded me I gotta digitize my Live Stiffs vinyl.

  7. Jeffen

    Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby on Marc Riley BBC 6 Music right now as I peck on March 6.They start talking to Marc about 45 minutes into the programme.Also doing some tunes. BBC 6 Music keep their shows up for a week on BBC iPlayer.


  8. Thanks Wreckless fans for all the feedback Mr. Goulden told me that new re-issues are on their way from Fire Records so I'll be deleting any material that's coming down the pike


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