Saturday, February 16, 2013

Paul Weller: Into Tomorrow (Full Documentary)

As a North American it can be weird to review the career of Paul Weller. Not only did The Jam, The Style Council and his solo career never break big, even his cult following here never had the sheer obsessiveness of say, a Morrisey or a Robert Smith. While I see Weller is one of the greatest English song-writers of all time (heady company, indeed), I've always felt part of a fairly soft-spoken minority. Now back home in England Weller is revered as "The Modfather", patron saint of every Englishmen with a ringing guitar and a sneering hook. So watching this excellent documentary on the man's career can be both bewildering and faith-affirming - enjoy!


  1. Awesome thanks for posting this! I've been on a Jam kick lately. Dare I say it "Kick out the Jams!" Bruce Foxton and Dick Clark could be brothers!

  2. Great post! I'm a huge Paul Weller fan. I flew from Houston to NYC a couple of years ago to watch him play at the Apollo. Fantastic show...

  3. I just love the last period Jam, with the soul influences,too bad they broke up after this.Style Council werent that strong.

  4. The mere fact that Weller didn't make it over the pond enhances his Englishness even more. This side of the water he is God!

    1. on EACH side of my brain he is a um..."god".?...not so sure...but a (the) Mod...yes

  5. FINALLY, I will see him in Cincinnati 2014....maybe THEN he will realize that we are soulmates...ha, ha


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