Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another One Done Gone

Last Days of Man on Earth
is ending. Another great blog goes down, albeit with its head held high. Joe's had a great run and he has plentiful compelling reasons for quitting. (One of the things that keeps yours truly from fucking off is the burning desire to not quit over the sort of petulant reasons that usually make me want to pack it in).
So go visit LDOMOE, peruse the archives (as a musical archaeologist Joe is irreplaceable) and leave a comment. Or should I say, LEAVE A COMMENT!!!! As you all know, I strongly believe that lack of feedback by music blog readers is a contributing factor in the loss of many a great blog. So let your voice be heard and help keep all those other indispensable music blogs (see my sidebar for my nominees) running.


  1. Everything you said is correct. A fantastic blog going away. Lack of comments making this seem like you are out on an island....Sad to see Joe's blog go. He highlighted many bands from where I grew up and always loved that. As someone who does a blog too, I love to hear feedback. Whether good or bad. As for your blog, keep it up! I am always checking in to see what you have put up!

  2. It's sad since Joe's always stood head and shoulders above a lot of blogs due to his punchy write-ups. I've noticed that a lot of the blogs that actually bother to describe music are disappearing. Sad when any fool can upload music and put an album cover up.

  3. Just meandering, looking for some ear candy to get me through another week, stumbled across here, mission complete. Thanks.

  4. KH
    Amen, sir, a-men!

    "any fool can upload music and put an album cover up." - I need an "amen" emoticon!

    Glad you found stuff to your liking - feel free to stick around!


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