Tuesday, April 5, 2011

V.A. Teenage Treats Vol. Four (1977-1982)

If you enjoy this batch of Teenage Treats thank Roberto for the awe-inspiring scans and keep in mind that I'm looking for any scans AT ALL of volumes 6-10.

Here's a new series (well, the late 1990's, really and even then...), consisting of ten volumes that explore the seedy underbelly of the already seedy underbelly that was British punk rock in the late seventies and early eighties.

Highlights of this more poppy volume may (or may not - taste in seedy underbellies varies widely) might include:

* Television Viewer (Vacants, 1977, from only LP)
* Nervous Breakdown (White Heat, 1979, from 1.7")
* Plastic Land (Tunnelrunners, 1981, from only 7")
* Cold (Favourites, 1979, from 2.7")
* Take It Or Leave It (Visitors, 1977, from only 7")
* Send For Sorrow (Singles, 1981, from only 7")
* I Can See Thru Walls (DC10s, 1980, from only 7")
* The Life of Riley (Zipper, 1979, from 1.7")
* Go (Heartbeats, 1981, from only 7")
* You've Got Me In A Whirl Girl (Hobbs, 1978, from only 7")
* You're All I Wanted And A Car (The Voice of the Puppets, 1980, from only 7")
* Can't Wait For '78 (Wasps, 1977, from Live At The Vortex compilation LP)

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Speaking of those rarity-fueling comments, that is the section where you will find the Teenage Treats # 4 link.


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  2. Love the White Heat track, perfect power pop.

    Got a vinyl copy of their album, but unfortunately the album version of Nervous Breakdown isn't as good as the 7" version included here.

  3. the internet is a two headed monster. On the one hand, almost everything is available. On the other, almost everything is available.

    Each time you post I struggle to decide what to kick to the curb to make room for it. Bigger storage is cheap but eventually one is overwhelmed but the volume of things that have yet to be listened to at anything resembling one's full attention.

    I love this series. I'll probably never listen to it more than five times. Sigh.

  4. This Vol. is a lot more varied. I am an old hardcore kid so it's hard to hear another song called Nervous Breakdown.

    Voice of the Puppets "Your All I wanted and a car" is incredibly awesome for the title alone, but alos a great song.

    I wold have put the Wasp song as track one, but then again I don't own a record company or put comps together.

  5. Another great post... Please keep it up !

  6. Today i had to work in an office where the whole day the music of a boring station got out of a little radio. So how great it is now to hear this compilation.Thanx and keep it up.

  7. Brilliant stuff again Jeff. Loving this series :) Cheers again mate!

  8. THanks for these and for all you do.....I'm interested in starting a music-share blog of my own and as a fiftyish-old man, have like no idea as to how one goes about it. Cost lotsa money? Legal risks? I have around 10000 cool albums/CD's that y'all kiddies oughta be hearing......help grandpa out

  9. Vom
    I gotta re-post that White Heat stuff soon.

    "Overwhelmed by the volume" I can't argue that. I always assume even my more regular visitors pick and choose I just hope to offer enough to keep them coming back!

    I like this volume more than the last one - but I don't own record company either (just this here 'ole blog).

    Will do.

    The internet killed the radio (star).

    And , hey, glad to keep you entertained, Longy!

  10. Bigscott
    Always room for another good blog!
    E-mail me at jeffen69@hotmail.com and I'll give you the 'need-to-know'. By the way, tarting a blog is pretty easy, keeping one going I should warn you is a slightly different matter.

  11. "You're all I wanted and a car"'s wall of sound reminds me of my high school years ambition. Except all I got was the car.

    And what's all this about "tarting a blog?"

  12. Great comp.!!! These singles were (mostly) wonderful teenage rockandroll songs: Thanks!!!

  13. thanks.. I dig it.. similar to a series I'm about to release down in Australia.

    keep up the good work

  14. Great choices as usual.

    New podcast available today, with songs about body parts, murder and fighting. Check it out - http://polyvinylcraftsmen.blogspot.com/

  15. Great site you have here, and thank you for the great music!

  16. enjoyed the first three in the series and this one is promising as well, two tracks in. thanks for posting.

  17. So Freakin' Sweet@! Thanks!


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