Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Rezillos: Top of the Pops (1978)

Well we talked A Lot about the Rezillos earlier (see here) and now now let us give to you something else unavailable since the vinyl era. Speaking of vinyl, The rip of this 1978 single comes from Gary Ching's great lost blog, Always Searching For Music. As the back cover sleeve below indicates the A-side is a different, earlier version of "Top of the Pops" and the B-side, "20,000 Rezillos Under the Sea", is a charming little ditty that rips off any number of old instrumentals and seems to foreshadow the rise of the Revillos*.

Even More Rezillos here!

Speaking of great lost blogs, Punk Friction has a few old Rezillos singles (with Longy's trademark slanted photos) right HERE. And while were doling out links, don't miss founding bass player David Smythe's Rezillos memories HERE.

*P.S. We shall be speaking much more about The Revillos next week (after a short visit from some old and new friends)

Your comments have decisively proved your love for all things Rezillos - please keep it up so MRML can continue to draw deeper from the well of obscurity.

Speaking of those oh-so-encouraging comments, that is the place wherein you will find the Top of the Pops 7" link.

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  2. My fave Rezillos tune.

    Thanks for all you do!!

  3. Thanks fella, been asking for this.

    Dont suppose you know of anywhere for a cheeky download of No1 boy?

    Thanks again.

  4. i'm lovin' the rezillos. thanks!

  5. Definitely enjoying The Rezillos!

  6. Keep 'em coming, mate. Not wishing to seem impatient, but are any of the Revillos Peel Sessions in the pipeline? I'm also missing Jo Callis's S.H.A.K.E. Project single "Woah Yeah" if you have it (I've got their other singles and the Peel Session, but I've not even heard that one).

  7. Styreneboy -

    The '77 and '78 Peel Sessions were posted on the 13th. Are there others?

  8. Four Steps -

    I was asking about ReVillos sessions, of which there were two. The first broadcast 17/03/1980, the second 13/05/1981.

  9. Commenters - thanks for inspiring a slew of extra Rezillos posts!

    (And Styreneboy - not only are The Revillos PS comin' so is the Shake!)

  10. Hurrah..more Rezillos Gold.
    Please keep it coming.

  11. I love both these tracks!

    Many thanks.


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