Tuesday, April 19, 2011

V.A. Teenage Treats Vol. Six (1977-1981)

(Alas, Roberto's supply of killer cover scans is done - and the images will get more dire soon - so if anyone has ANY kind of scans for T.T. V.'s 7-10 let me know!!)

Here's a new series (well, the late 1990's, really and even then...), consisting of ten volumes that explore the seedy underbelly of the already seedy underbelly that was British punk rock in the late seventies and early eighties.

Highlights of this SUPERFANTISTICALLY poppy volume may (or may not - taste in seedy underbellies varies widely) might include: The Flying Colours brilliant "Abstract Art" Masterswitch's "Action Replay" and Shadowfax's "the Russians Are Coming":

* Abstract Art (Flying Colours, 1981, from only 7")
* The Russians Are Coming (Shadowfax, 1980, from only 7")
* Blind To Fiction (Dodos, 1981, from Sex, Violence and The Eternal Truth compilation EP)
* Factory Girl (Regal Zone, 1981, from only 7")
* Action Replay (Masterswitch, 1978, from only 7")
* Out With Me All Night (Plague, 1980, from 2.7")
* Angel In A Raincoat (Sleepers, 1980, from only 7")
* Dubious Parentage (Three Party Split, 1979, from 1.7")
* Accidents (Steroid Kiddies, 1979, from only 7")
* Nationwide (Whips, 1981, from only 7")
* Teen Romance (Alsatians, 1980, from only 7")
* Come Again (Tony Jacksun, 1978, from only 7")

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Speaking of those rarity-fueling comments, that is the section where you will find the Teenage Treats # 6 link.


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  2. Glad to see you keep the wonderful serie coming. Pity for the scans. Thanks!!

  3. Hi jeffen, Where can I see the other volumes and the bands that are on them? I've got quit a few rare 7" in my collection, I'm sure no where near as many as whoever has been suppling the art for the previous six volumes but I'll check and see if I can contribute to this great sears... Thanks !

  4. I just can't believe the amount of cool punk/pop singles that was released back then... and how much of it that's new to me... before this blog lark started going I thought I had quite a good collection of singles, of course I had only scratched the surface! But hell, I'm not bitter, keep it coming, thos is a cultural service to the community!

  5. Thanks again for continuing this great little series Jeff. Sorry I can't help with the artwork (you know what mine is like lol)

  6. Thanks a billion squillion for posting this killer series!

  7. thanks for these again. and i did some hunting around, found some scans that might be of use. had a quick look for your email address here but am old and blind - if you want a few things for volume 10 and colour 45 covers from others in this series, let me know: postbear at rogers dot com

  8. Daniel
    Damn those scans were great hopefully our readership can pick up some of the slack.

    Here's the link for the series

    Dr. Hank
    I keep thinking I've heard the last amazing obscurity - but there's always more!!!

    Hey I'd kill for some slanty Teenage Treats photos!

    "billion squillion" - love that

    Bring 'em on!


  9. Another treat for the ears.

    The least I can do in return is join the scan search.


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