Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Revillos: Teen Beat (1981)

A 1981 French mini-LP on the Psycho label that drastically mis-spelled name of the song "Mind-Bending Cutie Doll" on the sleeve! More Revillos HERE!

* Side 1
1. She's Fallen In Love With A Monster Man
2. Hip City - You Were Meant For Me
3. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
* Side 2
1. Mind Behind Cutie Doll (sic)
2. Bongo Brain
3. 1982 Make A Wish

So what do you think of the joyful kitschy-ness of the Revillos? Leave us a COMMENT!

Speaking of comments, that is the section where the link for Teen Beat resides.

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    Comment time!


  2. Completely random comment as I've just got round to poking around in your blog (for want of a better phrase!). Thanks for all you do here - it's been good to catch up with a lot of stuff that I'd forgotten from years past...

    Keep up the good work!

  3. jeffen's my new hero. thank you for reviving so many college radio dj'ing memories. i.e., "Cool Jerk... a walking talking deep freeze; I'm a refrigerator baby!"

  4. What an incredible series of posts of all things Rezillos. Saw them a ton of times back in the day when I still lived in Scotland and they were always "ON" and hilarious - Faye's daft dancing and Eugene doing the puppet jerk motions before they were invented!

    I was managing a record shop in Paisley in the mid-70s and remember the Rezillos gig well (we also were responsible for promoting it). Paisley was getting incredible bands for a while because Glasgow had banned all punk concerts. (Paisley is just outside Glasgow)

    The Silver Thread, as I remember it, was basically just a room and the bands set up at the far end. It was boisterous to say the least and the concerts came thick and fast for a few months until Glasgow lifted the ban.

    I found a copy of the Silver Thread boot a while ago and couldn't believe it even existed! The quality wasn't too hot so I'm downloading the one here in the hopes it's better. Regardless, it's a historical document!

    Racking my brains for all the bands I saw at the Silver Thread. Suffice to say it was a golden period. Paisley never had it so good!

    I'd like to put up some of this stuff on my blog and, of course, credit it to you. Is that ok?

    Would also like to link your blog on mine. Is that also ok? Would love it if you would link mine but one is not contigent on the other. Happy to link you regardless.

    My blog is at:

    Let me know if you're missing any Rezillos - I have a stack of their singles somewhere!

    Great stuff!


  5. Thank you for your posts on the Rezillos/Revillos. Great singles band!

  6. MarkJ
    Have a good time catching up!

    Enjoy the trip back in time!

    1) thanks for the background info - we love that sort of detail here.

    2) I added you blog to the list

    3) Feel free to link to the Rez/Rev stuff - -just please make sure to send them HERE for the download etc.


  7. Hey, thank you so much, been trying to get my hands on this one!


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