Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shake: Culture Shock 10" (1979)

The Rezillos split in half in 1978. Fay Fife, Eugene Reynolds and original Rezillo, Hi-Fi Harris, formed the similarly-retro-fitted band The Revillos (who had to change their name for contractual reasons) while Jo Callis brought along Simon Templar and Angel Patterson to his new band, Shake. Shake, like all Callis' projects were a pop band, but without a strong personality to bring it all home. Unsurprisingly, as Callis was both bands' chief song-writer, Shake sound a lot like The Rezillos - who even played the song "Culture Shock" at their farewell show in 1978 - but with less exuberance and less theatricality.

Leave us a comment on what you make of the post-Rezillos work of Jo Callis and Shake.

Speaking of comments, that's the section where you'll find the Culture Shock 10" link.


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  2. God i remember this,i stayed with them through to revillos, and then bought this brilliant stuff jeffen, completely forgot about this!

  3. Great! It must be 30 years since I've heard this! I bought it at the time, but I seem to have mislaid it. I saw Shake live as well, but don't remember being much impressed. Callis is a great songsmith but not much of a singer. Not that Fay and Eugene were much better singers as such, but they had stage presence.

    btw. Do you still want the live version of Cold Wars and the 3rd (and best) version of Good Sculptures. If so how do I get them to you? Can't seem to find an email adress ...

  4. Brilliant...Been loving the Rezillos posts and now the progression after the split.

    Would there be a point when you'd stop posting off shoots from The Rezillos members? I'm thinking specifically about TV21 with Angel on drums?

  5. Thanks for sharing. Been wondering about this for a while.

  6. Many Thanks! as usual Jeffen.You're Blog still 'No.1 Boy'. Whenever i stray from your blog i am punished by terrible file hosting sites...
    An interesting swerve off the Rezillos highway here.
    Did i hear the rezillos recently (?) re-united (?)
    There was a rumour of a Japanese released live reformation album(?)

  7. jeffen
    re Dogstar
    "btw. Do you still want the live version of Cold Wars and the 3rd (and best) version of Good Sculptures"

    Yes please!

    And if anyone can link me with "No1 boy" that'd be great!

  8. MArtin
    Glad to keep diggin' up the past for you!

    Would love CW/Sculptures rio!

    And I agree about Callis lack of vocal presence.

    'What is the cut-off line?' is one of the questions that dogs my life. I shall have to re-listen to TV21.

    Mr. Suave
    Hope You dig it.

    I will have a live version of No. 1 boy soon but I believe the official version is still on iTunes.

  9. one of the greatest unknown singles ever, IMO


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