Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Adjusters: Alway in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time 7" (2011)

Another shot of  backwards-looking, striped-shirt rock n' roll from a set of young lads from the North West of England. There's just a stroke of slickness to the band's look and sound (but also a bit of Stones-iness to the B-side) which is gonna hit some people in the right spot and turn off a few others. Either way, give it a listen and tell us what you think:


  1. Joe strumer, We miss you so! OK boys, wrong place I don't know but wrong time for sure.

  2. Good rock'n roll. It's remind me The Little Roosters. But these tatoo ones are more versatile.

  3. If blondie and the strokes had a love child.

  4. not bad....not overly inspiring....doesn't really move me either way. Maybe it is like the musical version of prozac...72 degrees.

    Either way, the singer looks ridiculous.

    I am glad that you keep putting new stuff up....please keep it upm.


  5. SB
    "OK boys, wrong place I don't know but wrong time for sure"
    I hope the band uses that line for a pull-quote.

    Interesting connection with a band who will be discussed here soon.

    Hey glad a man who keeps his ear open for new stuff enjoyed it!

    Mr. Sauve
    ..then they'd LOOK like this band!

    A little poppy for Rancid but I can see a connection...

    Will try to keep the new stuff flowing

  6. How did I miss this post?! Fan-bloody-tastic! Fifteen years ago these boys would have been a pop-punk band and this would have been the killer opening track to their poorly produced indie cd.

  7. good stuff . thank you. also, I'm new here

  8. Love The Adjusters. Think they broke up though. Bummer.
    Either way, keep up the good work! Mediafire be damned, keep trooping on ahead! And thank you for sharing awesome music!

    -Erik LAMF


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