Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Cry! E.P. (2011)

Sure, we've got a lot of young-yet-historically-minded bands these days who compare favourably to the sadly-lost Exploding Hearts but Oregon's The Cry ((if your Canadian and OLD The Cry's name name may seem familiar) put their own bubblegum spin on the retro-sounds of today.


  1. thanks for all your work.

  2. Glad you're appreciating what we do!

  3. Thanks for recommending these guys. I like most of the songs they posted on their site- they do wear their influences on their sleeves. Having said that, I like the stuff they do (and is there anything original left in rock anyway? )

    Though I must say that they should be paying the Beach Boys royalties because their song "Be True" is a total rip-off of "I Do." They should give Brian Wilson partial writing credit.

    Thanks for posting this band...I look forward to the album coming out.

    Thanks for your work- I always love coming to your blog.


  4. Nick
    Happy as hell to keep on bringing you lots of old music and new music (that sometimes sounds old!)

  5. Thanks for this! Always love listening to new music and these guys sound promising (remind me of The Exploding Hearts as you pointed out). Looking forward to their album...


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