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XTC: 3D CD (1977)

Your COMMENTS - have demanded more XTC and be ready for the deluge. This offering is one of the more loving bootlegs you'll ever see (check out the promo poster!) and consists of live material and demos from 1977 (and 1978). More to come...

I'm looking forward to this series but of course I'm pretty sure by XTC Fans standards (those who buy muti-volume of Partridge's home demos) I'm a real lightweight. I only own the first five albums on CD, my once substantial XTC vinyl collection got sold years ago and while I've owned Oranges & Lemons and Nonsuch they too were purged plus I once tortured a guy I worked with when he wore his XTC shirt by saying, "Hey, I hear they're coming to town." (now that's just mean, I know). While I do believe that they are one of the very few graduates of the class of '77 who never had a dire period (some may beg to differ), my interest in their newer (i.e. pre-break-up) material has waned. Though, it should be noted, my favourite XTC fan did make me listen to Apple Venus Vol. 1, which I found pleasant if overly long and little too quiet for its own good.)

3D Compact Disc

Live in Birmingham & Liverpool 1977 + Early Demos, Helium Kidz and Go 2 out-takes

   Live at Rebecca's, Birmingham 17/11/77:
01 Hang Onto the Night
02 Crosswires
03 Let's Have Fun
04 Radios in Motion
05 I'm Bugged
06 New Town Animal in a Furnished Cage
07 Into the Atom Age
08 All Along the Watchtower
09 She's So Square
10 Do What You Do
   Live at Eric's, Liverpool 26/11/77
11 Dance Band
12 Science Friction
13 Neon Shuffle
14 Traffic Light Rock
   Helium Kidz Demos:
15 Yabber Yabber Yabber
16 Neon Shuffle
   XTC Demos:
17 Refridgeration Blues
18 Quicksilver
19 Saturn Boy
   Go 2 out-takes:
20 Cheap Perfume
(21 Things Fall to Bits) officially released on the Coat of many cupboards box set.
22 I Overheard
23 bonus interview: “What do you remember of 1977?”

So what XTC albums do you own? Are you gonna get more? Le us know in the COMMENTS section (which is where you'll find the link for 3D CD).

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  1. There's a message up in China
    That they getting in Japan
    Bouncing off an ocean liner
    Make em shake em in Siam
    All the kids are complaining
    That there's nowhere to go
    All the kids are complaining
    That the songs are too slow
    All I'm saying is you're deaf
    To the fact that there's....
    Radios in motion
    Atmosphere to ocean
    Radios in motion
    Gets you out of your red white and blues
    When we move then so do you'se
    There's a message in Milwaukee
    That they getting in Moscow
    Everybody walkie talkie
    Everybody learning how
    All the kids are complaining etc....

  2. Loving your XTC-related work. More please!

    They're a great favourite of mine, from the early herky-jerky days through the 80s (Not so keen on Big Express and Black Sea but Skylarking one of my favourite LPs ever), triumphant return to form with Oranges and Lemons and great later stuff on Apple Venus.
    Their early appearance on Whistle Test grabbed my attention, even though at that stage it was hard to tell they'd ever be much more than an English version of early Talking Heads/Devo.

  3. Merely the greatest band in world history. Thanks!

  4. Been a fan since the Virgin "Guillotine" comp with 'Traffic Light Rock.' No band has tickled my intellect and my dancing feet like they do.

  5. I have the early stuff, everything up to "Skylarking", which is when they kind of lost me. I used to do a college radio show called "Drums and Wires". Oh, and they were the first band I ever saw--they played in Guelph, ON, on Feb. 3, 1980.

  6. Good stuff,cheers Jeff. In case your interested,my favourite XTC song was without doubt Statue Of Liberty :)

  7. PS Any chance of track 21 as well please :)

  8. Probably that Guillotine comp was my introduction for XTC as well,i had all their material from the golden era,i lost interest around Big Express,but my brother is a huge fan so i appreciated lately their 80-90's work,but demos & live material of the prime times are just my cup of tea...many thanks!

  9. First time i saw XTC was on Magpie in '77. as a 13 year old starved of exposure to the new wave, I was hooked. And now you bring these pearls of genius in mp3 form. Great stuff!

  10. Do you happen to have a bootleg called 'Rare Mixes, B's and Live from the 80s'? It has some live b-sides that aren't available anywhere else, certainly not any official comps.

  11. Thanks, Jeffen. Have loved XTC since the first record but my favourite is 'Apple Venus Vol 1'.

  12. Hi Jeff just thought I would mention that "Traffic Light Rock" is also on "The Coat of Many Cupboards" box.

    Great post,

    Cheers Marky.

  13. Whenever my mom would take trips to Eurpoe back in the 1970's, always told her to bring me back some records.....never "ordered" any specific ones, so it was hit or of the greatest of course was XTC's "White Music" which I still have on vinyl, as well as a transferred to CD first wife hated that album with abandon, so naturally I played it repeatedly....."Radios In Motion", "This is POp", "Statue of Liberty" and the great version of "All Along the Watchtower"....seems silly to namethem all, a great and significant album. Thanks for the "3D CD"....I think I have a Trouser Press XTC "Flexi-Disc" around here somewhere, don't recall if it has any "exclusive" material, I'll see if I can find it

  14. of the all-time greats

  15. Thanks again for more XTC! I own many of their 45s from back in the day, since they usually had a non-LP b-side. I have all of their LPs up to Oranges, most of the cds, and a few bootlegs. Never too much. Oh, also have Andy's Fuzzy Warbles series too. More please!

  16. THANKS!!

    (Longy et al-

    # 21 =

  17. The very early XTC is definitely an *acquired taste* but that youtube viddy you posted of Neon Shuffle live from 1977 is great!

    Must be art-punk-prog-rock-n-roll!!!
    Barry Andrews rockin' the keyboards is classic!

  18. Wow. This is gonna be awesome. I don't think I have any full live shows from the Barry Andrews era. Thanks so very much.
    P.S. I forgot about Talking Heads, another seminal new wave band from my earliest teenage year. I rank their "Fear of Music" Lp in my top 5 spanning all genres.

  19. XTC - Reign O'er Me! This is an awesome series!

  20. LOVE XTC!!!! I was at the Guelph show as well ... and their performance at The Edge in 1979.

  21. Can you re-post a valid, working link?

  22. Please repost a working link. Thanks in advance!

  23. please please repost (I sing it in the rhythm of the James Brown tune)


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