Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Kik: My Eyes Are Still Dry 7" (2011)

The Kik are a retro-minded Dutch power pop band, albeit one who, befitting their name, bring the necessary kickage to make sure their songs don't float away on a cloud of jangle.

Excelsior Recordings

P.S. Much more XTC to come...


  1. Very cool band, thanks Jeffen! I never heard of these guys before. The only bad thing is; I just went to buy one of these, and they wanted well over 20.00 (with currency exchange). They're clearly nuts, oh well, maybe I'll come by one some day. If you have a copy,could shooy me an MP3; so I could listen to it, that would be great. Thanks again, nice post!

  2. Yeah it's overpriced - hopefully these tracks will be on a better-distributed album sometime soon.

  3. I'd love to see them play a gig with the Telepathic Butterflies.

  4. Greta show idea.

    maybe a CPJ post on the Butterflies is a good idea...


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