Monday, September 19, 2011

Greg Macpherson covers The Clash!

Winnipeg guitarist/singer/song-writer/label head/community-organizer Greg Macpherson has been releasing albums and touring this world for over a decade. Imagine a dramatic splicing of Bruce Springsteen, Billy Bragg John K. Sampson (of the Weakerthans) and Joe Strummer and you'll just have a thumbnail sketch of this strikingly original figure.

To read my review of his show last week at the West End Cultural Centre go to The Big Takeover.

To hear Macpherson cover The Clash's Bankrobber, click 'play'

To get this entire radio concert, "Live at the Hideaway" click HERE (and be sure to leave some words in our COMMENTS section).

To see Macpherson perform "California" on Exclaim TV go HERE, to see him perform "West St. James" go HERE.

To learn more about McPherson go visit his HOMEPAGE or his MYSPACE


  1. Downloaded the radio concert. Interesting, will definitely give it a try. Thanks!

  2. Greg MacPherson! Super pumped for this. thankyouthankyou.

  3. wow ! great !
    thank u ! that`s blogin for me-find some new and interessting stuff
    greetings from germany
    your`s herr Pauli

  4. Thank you for sharing, his take on"bank robber"is rather different and reminiscent of early Billy Bragg.
    Looking forward to hear more.

  5. I’ve never heard of Greg Macpherson. I went to his myspace page and played “Snowman.” Wow! Thanks for the hook-up and your blog!

  6. Phil/Anon/Herr Pauli/C Von Grumpy/Anon II/Anon III

    Happy as hell to have let you know about one of my town's less-famous heroes.

  7. superb..good job


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