Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden Put the Hurt on Ryan

Do I think Joe Biden won the VP debate


Do I think Paul Ryan lost?


Do I think this was as lop-sided as the last debate?

Not quite.

Biden's laughter, perhaps over done, was crucial. As Romney proved in the last debate this Republican ticket is not honest about the rights of women, the deficit, their tax plan, their military expenditures, their own record or just about anything else you can name. I'm not claiming that the Obama's record is perfect, just that Romney's campaign has been trying to run a post-truth campaign (see "we won't have out campaign dictated by fact-checkers etc.) becuase they think that no one will effectively call them on it.

So Biden eviscerated Ryan by laughing at the lies and then, with a great big grin, carving up those lies like a Thanksgiving turkey. Can you fact-check Biden's speech? Sure, but that doesn't allow you to create any sort of equivalency with Ryan's weapons-grade malarky!

Take it away my fellow Winnipeggers:


  1. The VPs don't matter.

    Holding up Biden as the debate "winner", just shows how far politics in the USA have fallen and how little is expected by the voters in their representatives.

    I doubt very much that Candy Crowley will make it any easier for the candidates on Tuesday night, but Obama needs to quit handing petty victories to Romney and act like he really wants to stay in power.

    1. Before the Obama-Romney debate pundits we're saying the debates don't matter period but it turns out they do and so do the VP ones.
      After all, Palin's mockable performance (thank you Tina Fey!) helped reveal her vapidness last time around and Darth Cheney's attacks on Edwards hurt the Dem.'s in '08.
      This year they definitely mattered. With Romney's dishonest attack still ringing in the air another knock-down would've emboldened the right-wing lie-machine but now they're licking their wounds.
      Let's see what Obama does next....

    2. We disagree.

      But let's hope they'll avoid this horror-of-horrors:

    3. We can agree to disagree but unite in our opposition to a Ryan-Biden clusterfuck!

    4. I take back what I said about Candy Crowley.

      25 minutes in, and this "debate" is abysmal.

      Currently hoping Obama just hauls off and hits Romney with a right hook.

  2. You guys gotta lay off the drugs... Ryan looked Presidential Biden looked inconsequential.

    Obama/Biden have a legacy of disregard for our constitution & an incurable case of "Profit Envy"

    1. We're on drugs?
      Ryan was caught on having no numbers on their budget yet again.
      Did you miss that?
      Do you only watch Fox?

    2. What is "Profit Envy"? Please explain.

      Rev, do you seriously think that if Romney/Ryan were elected, they'd lower taxes "20% across the board", as Ryan has claimed several times?

    3. You have GOT to be kidding. I lived in MA under Romney and he was by far the worst elected official to ever hold office in the Commonwealth. Go get some facts; Obama has the lowest govt spending since Carter (1.4%), lowest restrictive gun law initiatives in modern history...What disregard are you talking about? Guarantees if Romney wins - War with Iran within 6 months, revocation of Dodd-Frank so your new privatized SS can go down the toilet and no doubt, it will be confirmed that his refusal to release tax returns are due to a the one-time DOJ Amnesty for the 2009 UBS scandal allowing tax dodgers to avoid prison if they paid tax and closed their Swiss accounts before the deadline. And who closed his Swiss account right before the deadline? Americans have proven once again to the rest of the world that they are uneducated, naive and unswayed by facts. Oh, and though I am a devout Athiest, I implore you Christian folk to do some reading about the Mormon doctrine and Romney fulfilling his prophecy of bringing the "true" people of God (Mormons) to power. Because it says right their in ye' ole book of M, that all other religions (yes, you too Christians) are an "abomination". Hilarious that Ryan and Romney don't want to you to use birth control or allow abortion, but I'll be damned if they want to fund the raising of the kids when they have them...So if it is their "faith" driving them, we are in deep $hit. Oh, and "Profit Envy"? Using Cayman funds on your Balance Sheet to borrow US Dollars (making less available for small business) so you can flip companies, then reparking the profits overseas again is not exactly a profit doctrine I would support. But then again, Romney parks that cash overseas to 1) avoid tax and 2) increase in value by betting against the American dollar against foreign currency. So quit being such a lemming, read some facts and stop sounding like an uneducated moron. Fact is, I would much rather have a passionate American like Joe Biden than a smug little brat like Ryan any day of the week...And a President that won't once again make us a laughing stock of the world as Bush did, by pursuing the blood oath to the Mormon church with the flag at his back. Wake up and READ FACTS!

    4. I used to think that that old saw "Facts have a well-known Liberal bias" was kinda smarmy but as the denialist element of the Republican party grows stronger it grown truer every day.

      By the way, nice piece of commentary.

    5. Great idea Pitboss, get out and read, something I don't see much evidence of this in blog comments and social media. I've read more for this election than any other, I believe it's that important. The more I read about Romney, the worse it gets.

      Here's an analysis Romney/Ryan's proposal for income tax reform by the Tax Policy Center at Brookings Institution, a non-profit public policy institution. It's long but, you can easily read the first four paragraphs and the conclusion.

      Paragraph two: "Our major conclusion is that a revenue-neutral individual income tax change that incorporates the features Governor Romney has proposed – including reducing marginal tax rates substantially, eliminating the individual alternative minimum tax (AMT) and maintaining all tax breaks for saving and investment – would provide large tax cuts to high-income households, and increase the tax burdens on middle- and/or lower-income taxpayers."

      Part of their conclusion is that taxpayers with children and income below $200,000 will pay an annual tax increase of $2,041. That's 95% of us.
      Full report here:

      Romney denounced the Tax Policy Center as "liberal", even though last November he described them as "objective" when they released a report on Rick Perry's tax plan.
      Read it here:

      William G. Gales, who helped prepare the report, responded:

      "Our conclusion was not a prediction about Governor Romney would do as president, it was an arithmetic calculation: all of the promises couldn't be met simultaneously without resorting to tax increases on households with income below $200,000."
      Read it here:

    6. God I hope it's facts like this, instead of rehearsed soundbites that dominate the next debate.
      I'm not sure I can watch though...

    7. I'll probably watch a little just to see if Obama's awake this time. Romney lied 22 times, Obama needs to call him on it. I'm skeptical of any politician's claims, especially in an online discussion, I'd like to check it with a link. I wondered what the "5 trillion dollar" figure came from that Biden mentioned, it's related to the TPC report above.


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