Thursday, October 4, 2012

TV Smith's Cheap: Peel Session, 1988

In the late eighties, despite mass indifference, TV Smith (more here), formerly of The Adverts (more HERE), fought on with a bracing electric band he dubbed, Cheap (more HERE). Today, we get to hear the band's lone Peel Session, a ferocious four-song statement of intent.

Don't miss the full stream of the one-hour BBC doc on TV Smith (and the Adverts, The Explorers and Cheap!) available as a full stream HERE!

John Peel Session 5th Jan 1988


1. Third Term
2. Silicon Valley Holiday
3. Luxury In Exile
4. Buried By The Machine

T.V. Smith (Vocals)
Mik Helsin (Guitar)
Andy Bennie (Bass)
Fuzz Deniz (Drums)

MRML Readers give us your take on Cheap TV and tell us if you want to hear more!

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  1. Hey, TV fans - let us know what you think of CHEAP!

    1. Hey, Jeffen -let us know what you think of Obama's performance last night. Oh, that's right he didn't show up. Why would you have a post regarding the debate when your hero got his ass kicked. I'm sure there would be a post if it was the other way around. Pathetic!

    2. I may well post on that event (though I don't exactly do live-, up-to-the-minute blogging as you should know).
      I'll give the devil his due and say that I thought Mitt brought the fight to Obama and will, in the eyes of the press, carry the day.
      It's fascinating to see Republicans who sneered off both Gore and Kerry's victory in the debates, now crowing about their man, but that's politics, I suppose.
      Bu the real loser was the truth. Mitt denying his own tax policy was a disgrace and one of the worst moments in presidential debate history.
      You're welcome.

      P.S. If the polls shows a bump, the likely outcome, will Republicans all of a sudden start believing in polls again?

    3. As a non-American (US variety) maybe I shouldn't have a say about this but... Please think carefully about what you do in December. Even if you don't care about your fellow Americans and the idea that looking after No 1 is not a great idea (as well as a shit song by a shit band), consider that your vote affects everything in the world. From our view, Obama is pretty right wing, but at least he doesn't appear downright dangerous!

    4. oops meant November!! Late Friday night here, alcohol flowing. We do know about your election. Honest!

    5. Americans get to elect the person known as The Leader of the Free World. Since that 'Free World' includes a great deal of us non-Americans, I believe it is our responsibility to understand their elections.

  2. Aha, I knew there'd be something else I don't have... Cheers, Jeff. Looking forward to it.

  3. Some great TV & Adverts posts recently. PLEASE keep them coming!!

    1. I've got another week to go - please keep the comments up!

  4. i didn't think it was possible, can there possibly be any more? i love the peel session, watched the documentary when i was on my punbk travels in irleand earlier this year

    1. That doc is so good but oh how the brevity hurts!

  5. Jeffen you promised and you delivered - thank you. Great versions of great songs, just as I remembered - was it really nearly 25 years ago.
    What else do you have up your sleeve I wonder?

    1. We'll keep the TV on for another week - stay tuned!

  6. All these TV Smith related posts have been excellent.


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