Friday, October 12, 2012

The Week in Video (with OFF! and Jack Black, Boice, Street Dogs, Big Bird, and Morrissey and Cobert)

First off, OFF! and Jack Black join togther to make retro-tastic video for the band's song , "Wrong". 

By contrast here's some power-pop by a new voice named boice, which didn't hit me as hard when I first watched as it did when I detached from my computer and still heard the song playing in my head. 

While we're in sunnier territory, feel free to check out Brisbane, Australia's Cub Scout's slightly breathy take on indie-pop:

Boston's The Street Dogs re-purpose Menace's classic, "GLC" to attack the class-warriors of the GOP:

While the Street Dogs attack his party, Big Bird goes after Mittens personally:

Lastly, let us not miss Morrissey in a deeply strange interview with Colbert:

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  1. i does like the new street dogs single, bugger all chance of getting a copy though

  2. I'm really loving the direction Off's videos are going in. I remember the early 80's all to well and seeing them lovingly(?) skewered with help from Jack Black, Dave Foley, etc. warms the cockles of my hardcore heart.

    That Boice (sorry, no lower case for me in the band-name writing department - it's just too precious) tune is exactly my kind o' power pop...although there's really almost no kind of power pop I can't find something to smile about. Except Oasis. Who smell like ass.

    Speaking of which: does Morrisey get it? I mean the part about him being infinitly more insufferable than any member of the royal family could ever hope to be? Jus' wonderin'...

    (As a metafilter article recently confirmed The Smiths are nice but they're certainly no Go-Betweens - at least to people who've become functioning adults.)


  3. Thx for pointing out the Morrissey interview. Maybe he's saying "need not greed" applies to killing and wealth. Nice idea from another galaxy.


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