Friday, October 19, 2012

Fighters Never Quit!

I deeply admire Ta-Nehisi Coates' (more HERE) writing over at The Atlantic but since I'm not a Civil War buff I don't follow his work on a a daily basis. Since, however, I am  a 20th century history buff, Coates' piece comparing Barrack Obama to 1930's boxer Joe Louis (and in Coates' typically tangential style to honourary Canadian Warren Moon) is as considered and thoughtful a discussion of race and politics in 21st century America as you're likely to find anywhere:

Like Joe Louis, like Warren Moon, like any black person significant for the fact of being black, I imagine that Barack Obama would love to have only the burden of being great at his craft. All presidential candidates represent something larger than themselves, and in that sense their loss is always broadly shared. But few classes in America have so little to lose as the one Obama represents. 
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(both links via The Daily Dish)


  1. Awesome statement. The intesity of the emotions against Obama are beyond facts or idealogy. I think this is race based and everything else is a cover.

  2. Perhaps.
    I've just assumed that race has supercharged the already sky high-levels of partisanship


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