Thursday, October 25, 2012

J Church: Prophylaxis (1994)

I've written a long meditation J Church's Lance Hahn, a man I knew a little bit and admired a lot and I'd be honoured if you'd give it a read over HERE.

Today's' offering, which I have recently procured on vinyl, is the band's second proper album, 1994's Prophylaxis. I initially disliked it as moved the band in darker, less poppy direction but powerful songs like "Why I Liked Bikini Kill" made me see the error of my ways!

Any thoughts on J Church, British albums or otherwise, can be offered in the COMMENTS section!


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  1. Hey the Church was going to be a one-off in tribute to the anniversary of Lance's passing but your COMMENTS brought me back for another round!
    We'd love to hear your thoughts on J Church!

  2. quite digging the Cat Food record from the other day. great stuff.


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