Friday, February 26, 2010

Doug and the Slugs: Music for the Hard of Thinking

It's hard to say exactly when The Eighties, in the the pejorative sense, began. Certainly by 1983 things were already pretty dodgy. By that time Doug and the Slugs' retro-mindedness and predilection for gimmickry ended up insulating them, at least somewhat, from the winds of crap then blowing gale force.

Music for the Hard of Thinking L.P.

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  1. Jeffen

    Thanks for another Doug and the Slugs album.I hope the albums are getting some downloads.



  2. Doug

    C + B = 79 d/l

    Wrap It = 41 d/l

    Not bad so far, unfortunately there's no Doug and the Slugs fanboard to give the numbers a jumpstart.

  3. Uncertain which personality I am today, Big Cheeze usually.

    Been a fan for many years, didn't know there was more than one.

    Thanks ever so much!!!

  4. OHK/BC
    Yeah outside of Canada (and probably Western Canada in specific) it's doubtful that there's many people who know that they have six major label albums plus two best of's and a Doug Bennet solo album.
    I'm almost out, through I may thow up one more today...

  5. Whoa. Ive been looking for Music for the hard of thinking for ages! I've done a couple hundred blog posts on on various bands but have recieved far more comments on my Doug post than any other. Thank You! Here's my post on the slugs: Cheers!

  6. Rick
    You never really know which posts are going to receive the most responses. My all-time record was for another humorous Canadian band, The Dik Van Dykes. So far there hasn't been an influx of comments but maybe there just biding their time...

    I put a link to your post on my "Cognac and Bologna" post.

  7. We LOVE Doug & the Slugs on The Stuart Bedsasso Show! Have had Congnac & Bologna for years. I'll have to mine some of the LP's here for good nuggets for the show. Thanks!!!

  8. Stuart
    Glad you're helping to spread the Doug!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. (Exasperated sigh.) I finally get this album dl'd, and it won't play!
    Between this and the Split Enz fiasco, I'm seriously beginning to question the ability of MediaFire to deliver an album unscathed.

    Consider me unsatisfied. :(

  11. Furrball

    Sorry to hear this - no other bad words yet from the 184 other d/l'ers - mediafire can be problematic.

  12. Thank You!!!!! I sold all my Vinyl for a move from Canada to the US, way too heavy. I had no idea I wouldn't be able to get mp3's.

  13. Carolytn
    I just bought a vinyl copy on Saturday, perhaps it was yours!


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