Tuesday, February 23, 2010

V.A. Big Beat Beach Party

Like Mutant Beach Punks this is another retro-tastic Anglo-American compilation from 1985. Unlike that one, this one is more scatter-shot; surf, garage, tex-mex, rockabilly and mod doesn't even fully cover the sounds herein. This Ace Records set put the old school and then (then) new school side-by-side, so you get to hear backwards-looking groups like the Screaming Blue Messiahs and Thee Mighty Caesars, AND sixties survivors like the wild Hasil Adkins and the absolutely-lunatic Legendary Stardust Cowboy.

Big Beat Beach Party L.P.

A1 Delmonas, The - Peter Gunn Locomotion
A2 Prisoners, The - Melanie
A3 Larry & The Blue Notes - Love Is A Beautiful Thing
A4 Thee Mighty Caesars - Thee Trickster
A5 Screaming Blue Messiahs - Tracking The Dog
A6 Joe King Carrasco - Cucaracha Taco
A7 Pride Of The Cross - Tommy's Blue Valentine
A8 Surfin' Lungs, The - Surf Taboo/Down At The B-Club
B1 Lash Lariat - Restless
B2 Restless - Mr. Blues
B3 Sugar Ray Ford - Rumba Chile
B4 Hasil Adkins - I'm In Misery Pt.I
B5 Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Dynamite
B6 Tall Boys - Dragster
B7 Sting-Rays, The - Come On Kid
B8 Turkey Bones & The Wild Dogs - Feel The Purple Hills


  1. mate,youve made an old punk very happy with this.i had this on vinyl until someone robbed it at a party years ago!so many many thanks for posting it.id been looking for this for years and couldnt find it in shops or even a mention of it anywhere.i will be d/l this when i get home from work tonight.thankyou very very much!

  2. You're welcome and, yes this one was specifically for you. I'd never hears about it till you mentioned it. Glad I did get to hear it though and hopefully you'll get another copy someday!

  3. As someone who enjoys music made by people who are a little outside of the normal perimeters of technical abilitiy, I have to say I'm kind of miffed that the look-at-those-fucking-hipsters at Laugh-In hung LSC out to dry with an unamplified (and therefore inaudible) acoustic guitar.

  4. I'd love to hear this, but the link appears to be not working??

    Is it me, or has it thrown a wobbly?

    Would really appreciate it if you could check it out!


  5. CPB
    Yeah it's brutal how they treat him but man that gut is like nothin' else.

    It had over 30 downloads an hour ago but now mediafire is down. Try again in a bit.

  6. According to Patricia Morrison (http://www.patriciamorrison.co.uk/) The legendary Stardust Cowboy was a Gun Club Side project (It's in her biography link). My friend who I used to work with was pretty obsessed with the Ledge!

  7. Hi mate

    Yep, link seems Ok now - downloading as I write this and looking forward to hearing it!


  8. Is it just me or are four tracks missing? Don K.

  9. got thissun on vynil it kills

  10. Anon.

    If you ever rip your vinyl let me know, don k. is right - this version is missing tracks.

  11. Thanks for this rip.
    I have the lp on Big Beat lp cat number WIKM39.
    But the Lash Lariat Track is "Bitter Tears", not what you have listed.Is yours a different lp

  12. Missing tracks ?
    Joe King Carrasco
    Lash Lariat
    Sugar Ray Ford

  13. Can anyone offer up a fixed rip?!?

  14. Great LP. Thanks for this. Have got a lot of the tracks on this already but am really chuffed to get the Pride Of The Cross track at last. Good work! Love this blog.

  15. Spike
    Glad you're digging what we offer!


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