Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hardcore Devo Volume One 1974-1977

Heading back in time, let us examine Devo's mid-seventies basement tapes via these long out-of-print Rykodisc collections. While Volume One does contain early version of later classics, like "Mongoloid", "Jocko Homo" and their cover of the Rolling Stones "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", most of these fifteen tracks had never been heard before this was released in 1990.

The results, as the title makes clear (but the covert art muddies), are not for the lightweight, "Whip It" loving Devo fans. No, to love this pointy-headed artiness ya gotta wanna understand.

Hardcore Devo Volume One 1974-1977

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  1. I remember getting this out from my town library back in the early 80's. It must have been a double cassette as the only records I remember getting from them were Husker Du's. I had no idea this was out of print. I only own the anthology CD.

  2. More great Devo stuff Jeff. Thank you kindly sir.

  3. Chris
    That anthology ("Pioneers Who Got Scalped") it out-of-print too. Hang onto it!

    You are most welcome! Enjoy, I'll get around to posting more later.

  4. This both albums changed my life too!!


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