Monday, March 8, 2010

D.I.Y. Anarchy in the U.K. - UK Punk I

The Sex Pistols, The Damned, The Stranglers, The Jam, The Buzzcocks, The Adverts - hell - it's tempting to call the long out-of-print Anarchy in the UK a flawless introduction to the key punk bands of '76/'77!

Flawless, except for that one cataclysmic omission, stiffly noted inside; "Due to licensing restrictions recording by The Clash were unavailable for inclusion in this collection." A bit of black mark for Rhino which was once the master at getting around inter-label conflicts. If you can forgive that loss, it's a thrilling listen even if many of you reading this already own most of these albums. And if you don't own most of these albums, maybe it's time to go out there and support some bands! While this set is long out-of-print, a replacement, of sorts, in Rhino's No Thank box-set, which has a comparable track listing only this time they couldn't get the right to The Sex Pistols material - !

D.I.Y. Anarchy in the U.K. - UK Punk I

No Thanks: The Seventies
Punk Rebellion available at Amazon


  1. Every track is a classic. Flawless even without The Clash!

  2. It's all-killer for sure - wonder what they'd have left off if they'd gotten The Clash?

  3. Nothing but added The Clash as well :-)

  4. Marky
    Yeah I guess they had the room just not the licensing!

    Perhaps a little Pistols/Clash rivalry survives...

  5. What was the reasoning they gave in the liner notes for including The Saints? I'm guessing they just really, really wanted to put that song in somewhere but couldn't pull together enough for an Australia disc.

  6. They gloss over it and just say copies of the single made it over to London.

  7. Great collections. Have several of the DIY discs but so far none of the ones you have posted. Always meant to pick up the rest but always found something else that I just had to have more, and then when I did decide to get them I couldn't find them anymore. (Still will buy them if I see them.) Thanks for posting them. I already bought the No Thanks box and it is great.

  8. oldkdawg
    Yeah I plan to pick up the ones I'm missing now and maybe it's time for No Thanks....

  9. Vic - The Saints would have gone on the disc as they moved to the UK in mid 77' and pretty much stayed here till the had their major split in 79/80!

  10. hello jeff

    been looking for a while for the DIY volumes I never bought and found them on your blog thanks to good ol' captaincrawl who's been down for a few weeks.
    I own CDs of Teenage Kicks, Starry Eyes, Come Out & Play, Shake It Up and Mass. Ave, ie the powerpoppy ones but have always wanted (needed?) the others and here they are. And via mediafire too! Apparently the origs are going for good $ - how much are we talking here?

    So, many, many thanks for putting these up. I have DL'd from you in the past, cannot remember what and cannot recall if I left a comment (I usually try to!) so thanks for those too.

    I found the DL stats fascinating too. And the lack and brevity of comments dismaying also. There's no excuses really for continually declining to say anything. I know that if I had a blog, I too would be frustrated by the lack of appreciation/interesting remarks. I'm sure all your "clients" are appreciative of your efforts...they are reluctant to express it unfortunately.

    a small request - been digitally looking for the 2 Airwaves LPs, no-one seems to have have done those (I bit light than your usual material, I acknowledge!)

    kind regards,

    jeff in sydney

  11. Jeff
    Thanks for the detailed thoughts on this great series.
    As for the Airwaves, I'll take a poke around. What were the names of the albums?


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