Sunday, March 14, 2010

D.I.Y. - Teenage Kicks: UK Pop I (1976-1979)

The two volumes of UK Pop are, in my estimation, the D.I.Y. series' apex. With such a rich vein of music to mine, this volume doesn't comes up short, even with its errors of omission (The Chords, Elvis Costello, The Flys) and its errors of commission (two of the first three songs are Nick Lowe - I'm a devout Nick fan but that's an awkward start to a various artists compilation). Whatever my nit-picks, it plays amazingly well. How could it not with all of this:

Eddie and the Hot Rods

The Motors

Tom Robinson Band



The Boys

The Rezillos

Rich Kids

The Yachts

The Pleasers

The Skids

Another fixed Teenage Kicks link is in the comments.


  1. Hi, MRML. Just to let you know, the link above contains only the first two tracks and the cover art. By the way, I'm really enjoying this awesome series, and I appreciate your wonderful shares and hard work. Take care!


    Third time charming? Let me know!

  3. Tried to download this file, it said the link for the first song was broken and nothing downloaded. Can you please repost, Mediafire seems to have issues with their files. Thanks for all your hard work and good taste.

  4. Damn but mediafire is screwing this one up. Try this:

  5. Oh yeah this one is a peach, all top notch awkward pop. Great work jeff and haven't seen some of those vids in a long while.

  6. Hi, MRML. This is the first Anonymous poster reporting that the Rapidshare link works just fine! Thanks again for this great series, and all of your other fine shares.

  7. Could someone please repost the Rapidshare link; I can't read it- what I see is cut off after UK.


  8. Thank you for posting the DIY series. Never bought them, because except for the US power pops, I would already have most of the tracks.

  9. These DIY compilations are awesome - brings back so many memories from my youth. Thank you for posting.

  10. Marky
    I probably crashed some old browsers but I cold not think of which vid to leave out!

    Good news!

    Did that work out?

    Yeah I missed purchasing a few of these because of overlap with my own collection.

    Glad to bring you back to the past!

  11. The Rapidshare link was cut off for me, too. I viewed the page source to find the complete link. In case this helps anyone, here is the link split into two lines so it won't be cut off in my comment:

    THANK YOU for posting these DIY compilations!! I am so thrilled!!! Elizabeth


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