Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Furys: Say Goodbye to the Black Sheep

(all images courtesy of the beloved MODPOPPUNK ARCHIVES)

The Furys were an L.A. band from the seventies who straddled the line between that town's punk and power-pop scenes, like a compromising position between The Weirdos and The Knack. (If you want to hear the truth about how they pissed all over The Knack, you need to go read this blog entry). The band released three singles and a 12" e.p. before splintering, and leaving behind the chant-along classic "Say Goodbye to the Black Sheep", which made it onto Rhino's D.I.,Y. series on the We're Desperate volume (see here).

Say Goodbye to the Black Sheep link is in the comments

Update - check out The Furys Facebook page!



  2. Wow. Somebody liked The Who as well. Great track, thanks for sharing.

  3. Mr. Sauve
    Y'know, and I think we'll be in agreement here, The Who are a great band to be influenced by, some great band inspire poor imitators but not Tonwsend & co.

  4. This is awesome! My dad was in this band. I've been looking for a link to this song, thanks for putting it up. I've thrown a bunch of their old show flyers up in a Facebook group if you want to check them out. I'm working on getting their other songs from vinyl to mp3, so check back soon if you'd like to hear more.

  5. Eric
    Hearing from the musicians (and their descendants) taht i write about is one of the absolute joys of this blog. I hope you're dad likes the posts and I put up a link to your great Facebook group on each of the posts!

  6. As the singer and one of the writers for the Furys it's great to see a continued interest in the band. Say Goodbye to the Black Sheep continues to generate airplay via Little Steven's Underground Garage and Kim Fowley's show on Sirus radio.

    Jeff Wolfe

  7. Jeff

    Thanks for the killer songs I'm and glad you enjoyed what we do here - It's always great when the musicians discussed get what's going on here.

    By the way I'd love to post more on The Furys. I'm just waiting to find a rip and scan of that first single.

  8. Sorry it took me so long, but here you go!

  9. Eric
    Fantastic - great service you've done - thanks a lot.

  10. Hi to Jeff Wolfe,

    I played drums with you guys for a while in 1984. Loved the music. You were always a great performer and a real nice guy. And lots of fun... You guys were terrific.

    Glenn Heald


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