Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Captain Sensible's King (1979)

Hey Damned fans, that White Cats got 117 D/L's and THREE comments. Why for you bury a perfectly good post in the cold, cold ground?

While Rat Scabies was content to hang around with The White Cats (available here) the good Captain aimed to be King. The tracks here (including "Second Time Around" later to be re-configured as the title track of The Damned's comeback album Machine Gun Ettiquette) foreshadow the more mid-to-late sixties direction the band would be heading in just a few years time.

King Peel Session link is in the comments

Speaking of comments, what do you make of Captain Sensible's first solo trip?

These Peel Sessions have been donated to MRML by estimable Crimewave, give him thanks and check out his band's webpage.








  2. Haven't gotten around to listening to it yet!
    But thanks for the post.


  3. Thanx for this jeffen, don't think i've heard this before, concentrated on the damned material usually,what a great band they are

  4. I think I enjoy King more than White Cats, but both have their qualities. The King song "Baby Sign Here With Me" is just a really hidden gem. Excellent post Jeffen!

  5. Hi Jeffen-Thank you, your sounds awesome,
    and re: Sensible's solo career. It reminds me of seeing him playing Jimi Hendrix, naked under the plastic bubble in "The Punk Rock movie". I mean, The Captain is one of those individuals that you don't harness as much as occasionally use something he would be doing on his own-some musically anyways. I love it!

  6. Props are in order for quoting The Tazmanian Devil!! :)

  7. This stuff is great! Couple more tidbits. The Damned also did the White Cats "Teenage Dream" - wound up as a b-side. I also noticed that the keyboard solo from the King track "My Baby Don't Care" found its way to "I Just Can't Be Happy Today" from MGE.
    Big Thanks for your posts!

  8. Anon
    Hopefully, you're enjoying it now!

    Loved The Damned - we'll always come back to them.

    I like 'em both but I'm glad they figure out that they're better together.

    Welcome, Welcome

    Yeah the Captain's a force of nature.

    TD was a punk before we were punks.

    Anon II
    Thanks for the background info I love that stuff). I shall have to dig us some more Damned rarities now.

  9. Thanks for the post but wasn't able to open RAR with UnRax. Love your blog

  10. Anon
    Try using winrar if that doesn't work please let me know and I'll see what I can do on this end.

  11. Dear Sir,

    thanks a lot for this Cpt. Sensible Stuff (that I`ve never heard of before), maybe there sth. to say after having listened to it.

    Best Regards

  12. around end postscript: you've just gotten more words from me than any other blog or forum in years... it must be the 23rd...

    hard to make a proper vote at this point in time. the best thing King had going for it was the Captain writing and on guitar. while it would be interesting to know where The Damned may have gone with Brian James continuing as the guitar player/writer (or if they ever would have reformed with that as the only option), it would have been a waste to keep the Captain on bass.

    incidentally, i blame Captain Sensible for ruining my laptop's life... while i had occasionally glanced at a couple of sites listing boots and such, i'd never really explored it yet (though i have more than enough vinyl that i've run out of friends willing to help me move house when those occasions would arise). i came across a Captain post directing me to a blog with a collection of selections of 50s-60's muzak, the type offered in industry films worldwide and, from what i gather, the BBC would play in the early morning when they'd gone off air, as the Captain claimed his tapes were recorded from there. these tapes were what he would listen to when the Damned were traveling from gig to gig in the early days (and his love of it became evident on his solo LPs filled with pure pop Sensibility). anyway, following his lead and link, i found myself downloading a collection of 246 songs, immediately followed by about 120 more through the same source. fine. i share a love of early cheeze with the man.
    after this "cherry busting" (which, mind you, was but 3 months ago), i began my hunt, downloading, following blog link to blog link, finding dead links and doing web searches to make up for it (which is how i wound up here). a short time ago, my roommate gave me her old external drive so i could store what i was amassing. 70 gigs. not bad for free. i tried to transfer... that was when i found that, as of that moment, it was only half the memory i needed.
    i'll be hitting the intersections soon, collecting, i hope, with my cardboard sign explaining how so down on my luck i am i haven't had a byte in days, saving up for at least a 1 terabyte drive...

    fucking Captain...

    and fucking music ruined my life...

  13. HPE
    Hope you enjoyed the Damned thing!

    What a great tale of the desperate search for larger and larger storage space which digital music drives us to.

  14. just saw the King "My Baby Dobn't Care" and Anti Pope clips cos of this - was looking up old Damned stuff and never ever seen these

    awesome!, thanks!!


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