Friday, February 11, 2011

V.A. Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan Volume Twenty-Three

This thirty-TWO volume series features artists covering Bob Dylan songs. All of the tracks are recordings of independent origin (ROIO) and hence officially unreleased.

Another wildly-mixed bag of Dylan covers for which you are, as always, free to pick and choose what you feel is worthwhile, though your friendly-neighbourhood blogger recommends:

Patti Smith, defender of Street Legal era Dylan.

David Bowie's much-derided but actually rockin' late 80's band, Tin Machine.

And since COMMENTER CallPastorJerkface requested more Clapton, here's 'ole Slowhand with John Belushi (well, actually, Joe Cocker) doing "Seven Days" (which on this collection is actually done by Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood but...y'know different configurations of sixties British blue rockers being as they are, this'll have to do.)

01 Mggie's Farm - Tin Machine * (Jun 25, 1989, La Cigale, Paris, France)
02 Changing of the Guard - Patti Smith (Apr 18, 2007, Hiro Ballroom, New York, NY)
03 Everything is Broken - Kenny Wayne Shepard (Apr 21, 2007, Borgata Casino & Spa,
Atlantic City, NJ)
04 Subterranean Homesick Blues - Mitch Ryder and Engerling (Oct 2, 2002, Sinkkasten,Frankfurt, Germany)
05 Highway 61 Revisited - Bruce Springsteen and Wolfgang Niedecken (Jul 9, 1995, Cafe Eckstein, Berlin, Germany)
06 Ballad of a Thin Man - Robyn Hitchcock (Nov 25, 2006, Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA)
07 Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat - Frogwings ** (Dec 14, 1997, Paradise Rock Clu, Boston, MA)
08 Seven Days - New Barbarians *** (Apr 13, 1979, Rehearsal Studio, Culver City, CA)
09 Watching the River Flow - Steve Gibbons Band (Oct 5, 1974, BRMB Radio Sessions, Incognito Club, Birmingham, England)
10 Father of Night - Manfred Mann's Earth Band (Sep 23, 1974, Radiohuset Studio 4, Stockholm, Sweden)
11 All Along the Watchtower - Dave Mason (Jan 27, 2007, Scottish Rite Auditorium, Collingswood, NJ)
12 Hurricane - Phil Lesh and Friends **** (Nov 26, 2005, Chicago Theater, Chicago, IL)
13 Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 - Eric Clapton and Band du Lac ***** (May 20, 2006, Highclere Castle, Hampshire, England)

*David Bowie's band
** featuring Derek Trucks and Jimmy Herring
*** Keith Richards and Ron Wood
**** featuring Chris Robinson on vocals
***** featuring Andy Fairweather Low and Paul Carrack

If you'd like the series to continue - - - please don't forget to leave a comment behind!

Speaking of comments, the Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan Volume Twenty-Three link is in there.

Thanks to Jeffs98119 for compiling these and to stewART for the images.
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  1. .

    Dylan fans, we here at MRML have been appreciating your comments.

    Pleas keep the words coming!

    The help the series carry on...

  2. I moved from New Jersey to Chicago, I did not have anyway to dl music for 2 months. I just got reconected and the first thing I did was look for this series. I have dl'd 17 thru 23 and I am so glad you have kept this going. If you keep posting them, I will keep dl'd them. Thanks again for all 23.

  3. LF
    Ah that explains the sudden (and welcome!) burst of comments this week.

    Thanks, for all the words and worry not the series is far from over!

  4. Every one of these is a welcome surprise.

  5. Thanks again! I always appreciate new additions to this series. What a great way to start the day!

  6. thanks for making this great stuff available

    Lowell Boy

  7. I'm beginning to realise that this series is going to end soon.

    Thanx a lot for all so far.

  8. I said it before, I'll say it again: Thanks. This is really great.

  9. Thanks again. It's totally awesome.

  10. Y'know my Clapton n' Beck request was for something more Yardbirds-ian but it's always nice to get props. Thanks!

  11. I think that this is the best one yet.

    Many thankses

  12. good lord will the music ever stop!
    Patti's Changing of the Guards is definitive.

  13. Thanks Jeffen, Please keep the series going this is great stuff.

  14. "changing of the guard" is an overlooked gem - definitive version here:

  15. Sorry, Anon. - not trying to start an argument. Patti's version is very nice, but check out Chris Whitley, if you please...

  16. Dylanophiles one and all -

    Great to hear from you thanks for all the good (and interesting) comments!

  17. Looking forward to listening to this!

  18. this is just what I needed in my life. Thanks a bunch!

  19. Again: super set of posts...


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