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V.A. Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan Volume Twenty-Nine

Hey check out this cool Cover Me post, where Jeff talks about some of his favourite moments of this series (and I'm even the download link, if that's not too self-referential)

This is where I came in. Really. I was deep down into this rabbit hole known as the internet searching for Graham Parker's cover "I Threw It All Away" (for this weighty post) when I found this series. Truthfully, I just did not know what to make of it at first. Twenty-Nine volumes of live Dylan covers! I dunno... But then as it dawned on me, slowly, just how artfully the collections balanced the different strains of Dylan-ism, I grew amazed. Here on this volume you'll find blues, country, power-pop, folk, bluegrass, rock n' roll and a hell of a lot more musical sub-variations then I care to enumerate. Long may you run, Jeff.

01 Mama You've Been On My Mind - Flatt and Scruggs (1965, Houston, TX)
02 Drifter's Escape - Arc Angels (Jun 24, 2009, Republic Park, Austi, TX)
03 Idiot Wind - The Esquires (May 19, Town Hall, New York City)
04 I Threw It All Away - Graham Parker (May 19, Town Hall, New York City)
05 It Takes A Lot To Laugh,It Takes A Train To Cry - Rickie Lee Jones (May 19, Town Hall, New York City)
06 Gotta Serve Somebody - Tracy Chapman (May 19, Town Hall, New York City)
07 All Along the Watchtower - Robert Earl Keen (Dec 4, 1999, Late Show, Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA)
08 Dusty Old Fairgrounds - Jimmy Lafave (Oct 4, 2008,Oosterpoort, Groningen, Holland)
09 Down in the Flood - Derek Trucks (Apr 4, 2009, 107.1 WXPK, White Plains, NY)
10 Buckets of Rain - Danny Schmidt (Jul 15, 2006, Jon & Vanessa's House Concert Austin, TX)
11 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - Sir Douglas Quintet (Nov 4, 1990, Buffalo, NY)
12 Not Dark Yet - Eric Clapton (May 20, 2009, Royal Albert Hall, London, England)
13 Just Like a Woman - Marshall Crenshaw (Aug 22, 1992, The Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, PA)
14 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Johnny Marr and the Healers (Feb 1, 2003, Bimbo's 365 Club
San Francisco, California USA)
15 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs (Jul 17, 2006, Bowery Ballroom, New York City)
16 Wedding Song - Kate Gaffney (Jun 23, 2009, The Torch Club,
Sacramento, California USA)

If you'd like the series to continue - - - please don't forget to leave a comment behind!

Speaking of comments, the Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan Volume Twenty-Nine link is in there.

Thanks to Jeffs98119 for compiling these and to stewART for the images.
  • For V.'s 1-28 of Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan go here
  • For slugline's impressive spreadsheet of the whole series go here


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  2. Thank you once again for another volume of this invaluable series.

  3. Thanks a million for posting this collection. As a long time Dylan fan I look forward to hearing what gems you hve unearthed.

  4. Another great article... It would be great if somebody could do career overviews of Graham Parker and Matthew Sweet .

  5. Hi This is great stuff....I collect Dylan Covers and this is the highlight of my certainly is a labour of Love....I have started at Vol 18 and hope you will restart at some stage from Vol1...onwards to your first 100 Vols.
    Rgds Brian (starrieyed)

  6. Mi avete fatto venire l'acquolina in boccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. So già come passerò le prossime mezz'ore di cazzeggio al pc.

  7. a great job by a great man

  8. Once again I give thanks for this wonderful series.

  9. I like other folks singing songs so this fits. And thank you.

  10. muchísimas gracias por esta colección de versiones, que como bien dice el título, mucho peores que los originales de dylan y es que nadie canta como dylan las canciones de dylan.

  11. I just came across your blog. I have to admit that I'm not much a fan of Dylan's singing. But in scrolling through the list of artists involved in these volumes, I see many that are favorites of mine, so I am intrigued. Thank you for this amazing collection.

  12. gracias por la coleccion. Parece interesantisima.

  13. Wow. Thank you SO much. I've just found you via the cover me site. Beautiful stuff, looking forward to all of it.
    Am sitting here wondering, "where have you been all my life?!"

  14. Anon
    Lots of gems herein!


    I hope you find all the volumes (1-29) are still here!

    Anon I/Anon II/Anon III

    Hello back.


    thanks for always remembering!

    Let's find
    it'll fit alright!

    I've been waitn' right here for three years!

  15. I came over from the Cover Me site. I'm so excited, I had to put newspapers under myself LOL.

    Thanks for the wonderful series.

  16. Thanks for pulling this all together. I've picked up a few of the volumes from DaD, but it's great to have then in one place. Easy-to-download is a joy forever.

    poor boy on the street

  17. Thank you thank you thank you. All of us sockosimians just love Bob and Dylan covers.

  18. do I download other cuts besides the featured mp3s on each disc?

  19. Only a bad back could keep me from my weekly Dose o' Dylan. Also, a nice list of highlights by CoverMe, BTW.


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