Friday, March 29, 2013

Short Dogs Grow: S/T (1987)

I'll stay the babbling, momentarily, and just ask you to listen RIGHT NOW to the unusually-structured, "I Got It Right",  through to the cascading climax of the song, one of my favourite finales of all time:

At seventeen songs, the San Francisco band's 1987 debut album on Rough Trade is over-long but guitarist/vocalist (and bike courier) Tom Pitts (now author), as well as guitarist/singer Greg Foot (and now blogger) along with bassist/backing vocalist Carmela Thompson and drummer Joe Pethoud successfully navigate the treacherous ground between hardcore and college rock deftly, earning some very well-founded comparisons to early Soul Asylum along the way. 

Carmela catches some air!

A1         I Got It Right        
A2         Egoist Twist        
A3         Don Juan        
A4         Grandstand Play        
A5         Whistling Song        
A6         Serum Hepatitis        
A7         Field & Stream        
A8         Let Go, Let God        
A9         Fresh Clean Water        
A10       Gladbag Blues        
B1         Whirlwind        
B2         No Beef Max        
B3         Fortunate Son        
B4         On Time & Wastage        
B5         Rico's Blues        
B6         Half The Time        
B7         Doesn't Somebody Wanna Be Wanted Like Me

The rip and scans of this long-sought after rarity are courtesy of the amazing lubes17319 and if you'd like to hear what these Short Dogs sounded  like when they grew up, go visit Spavid over at Willfully Obscure!


  1. A re-up for a a few dedicated commenters. speaking of which your COMMENTS on this obscurity are welcomed!

  2. Thanks for this. I've had Matt Dillon since it was released, but have yet to hear this one.

  3. Looks like my kind of thang ? And thanks for using Zippyshare!!! By far the best file sight around! Cheers...
    Oh Yeah, Have you heard of/seen or HAVE? I think its a single maybe a 12" EP by Richie Stotts (The Plasmatic's) Called KING FLUX, rotating band members but Mark Bell was with them for awhile and the bassist or drummer from Blue Oyster Cult ? Saw on a blog but the link was a Megaupload long dead linkage =(
    Take care jeffen

  4. One more thing... Do you think they got their name from the last verse of Tom Waits song "On The Nickel" ? --->>

    "So let's climb up through that button hole,
    And we'll fall right up the stairs,
    And i'll show you where the short dogs grow,
    On the nickel over there.

    1. That has to be it!
      I mean the name doesn't make a lot of sense by itself.

  5. Neat! Now I can hear the prequel to Matt Dillon. Thanks for the link BTW.

  6. Always glad to link to my fellow long-term bloggers!

  7. Tom Pitts is a kick-ass crime writer these days. His first novel(la) Piggyback just came out, and he's an editor at Gutter Books...

  8. Thanks a million! Used to have this LP, haven't heard it in ages. Pretty sure I saw them around the time this came out too. Awesome blog all around!

    1. Thanks for the good words - hope you enjoy the SDG the 2nd time around!

  9. Can you please re up this one for me?


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