Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Elvis Costello: Angry Young Sod

(Thanks to the Elvis Costello Wiki for the images herein.)

This performance from an FM radio broadcast of a show from the Agora Theatre in Cleavland on December 5th 1977 rips. The video from below is from August of '77 but packs the same punch.

The sound quality of this bootleg (released both under the title Angry Young Sod and just it's date and location) is stellar, the performance fevered and once again we get to hear the mighty Attractions attacking songs from My Aim Is True.

MRML Readers: Leave us a comment about seeing Elvis live!
("I saw Elvis at the Nashville in Kensington (I think the entrance was 50p) and I thought he was crap. Then I heard his first single "Less than Zero" and realised that he was brilliant, but I hadn't noticed. I then saw him many more times and bought all of his early album and also his most recent album(which is a real classic). I wish I could of said I spotted him before anyone else, but I didn't." says garychching.)

Angry Young Sod

(Now if only someone would release the whole concert with Eddie Money's opening set as Here We Are Living With Two Tickets to Paradise, the word would just be that much better of a place.)

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  1. That Elvis and Eddie poster is terrifying! I love Elvis way, way to much so my real question is: Did Eddie Money ever do anything of value in the world of MRML?

  2. saw elvis for the first time in NYC circa 1980-81. He had just come out with Trust (I think)- Squeeze opened up and were hot due to the ArgyBargy album.
    i've seen him since, but nothing compares to that first time.

  3. I saw Elvis at Bogart's in Cincinnati Ohio in 1978. Still have the ticket stub. The Show was $2.94 + 0.06 tax. It was an awesome show. During one point in the show, Elvis walked through the audience from table-top to table-top while continuing to play.
    I saw him again in 1979 in Dayton Ohio at the Victoria Theatre for the Armed Funk tour. Again, an awesome show. By that time, the ticket price had increased to an astounding $7.00.

  4. CPB
    Eddie Money represented a kind of A.O.R. heartland rock style quite respectably. If you were young in the seventies you probably have a soft spot for Two tickets to Paradise (just ask Homer Simpson).

    Killer show, Argy Bargy is the one Squeeze album I would own (but haven't gotten 'round too yet) even if EC produced the follow-up.

    Another rockin' EC anecdote!


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