Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Funbug: Spunkier (1995)

Redditch's Funbug were the only English band signed to pop-punk's greatest label, Lookout Records. They have that classic self-deprecating English wit (their bio labels then"probably the best third rate punk band ever" and brags of being the only band to get sacked by Lookout) and a big hooks, big guitar sound that follows in the footsteps of Mega City Four and Snuff and shows the way towards the Zatopeks.

Funbug - So Sorry So

MRML Readers: Leave us a Funbug-based comment: Third rate or better?

Spunkier CD

There is a Japanese re-issue of the Funbug discography available here. While such a post as this still seems like advertising to me, if anyone in the band (or from the label) disagrees, please advise and the link will be gone!


  1. hi thanks for sharing. i like this Spunkier. It will add our collection

  2. I remember Funbug!
    Makes me miss my college radio days.

    BTW Jeff, I added your link to my other music blog -

    I couldn't find an email to notify you about it.
    Salmagundi Syncopation blog

  3. Kinda reminds me of a mix of the Hard-Ons and the Stand GT.

  4. Sounds a little like Big Drill Car who definitely aren't/weren't third rate.

  5. Third rate? Certainly not! However, I would have loved to have heard the backing vocals used at the end of "So Sorry So" spread more liberally throughout the song.

  6. Aku
    You shall now have a Spunkier collection.

    Damn cool.

    IHatethe 90's
    College-radio was never pop-punk's best freind but it's nice to know that a band like Funbug got radio play.
    I added Ihatethenineties to the blogroll

    Yeah pop-punk bands where you have to listen to the songs at least twice to really get the chorus tend to remind me of BDC too.

    I'm glad other people hear some of that pre-Lookout pop-punk (MC4, BDC, Hard-Ons) here too.
    And you know I will get to the Stand GT one day, even if only you and I and a few stragglers will enjoy it!

    It will come as no surprise to you that I had the exact same thought.

  7. Blimey....I'm Jason Funbug, Thanks Alot for the nice things you've said!!!! (I'm fucken shocked!!!).
    We gigging again, you can view new dodgy practice vids on you tube??

  8. Jason
    Glad you enjoyed your post! This got a nice reaction, as you can see. I was thinking of doing something else on the band till I found that Japanese CD was still in print. If you're happy with it, I could post the Lookout single (I'll have to find the artwork I just have a copy of the CD) and I could link it up to MySpace or something.
    Let me know and thanks for dropping by.

  9. hey Jef, cheers mate, yes you can do what you want with our stuff!!If you need any artwork just say & i can email you it. This really made my day when Brady (BSD) told me to checkout a Link!! Me Fucky Offy!!! JasON

  10. Jason
    Please send the artwork and I'll get top work on it (It takes awhile before we swing back to 90's pop-punk. I love the the genre personally but it often gets a middling response from the readers - though this post did get a nice response.)
    Glad you enjoyed, I've never had a musician dislike what we do here, so we must be doing something right.

  11. hi Jeff, i emailed you some stuff, did you get it? cheers mate JasoN fb


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