Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mega City Four: Stop

Mega City Four (discussed at length here) made their grab for the Big Time with a college-rock styled album, Sebastopol Road, that arrived in North America at the tail end of a wave of NME-hyped British guitar-dance bands like the Stone Roses and Ned's Atomic Dustbin that would be decimated by Nirvana. "Stop" was the stand-out from the album (and one of the few songs where the chorus had much to do with the song title).

The B-sides, such as "Back to Zero" show-off Wiz's (R.I.P.) fine song-writing too and, as was often the case, are better than some of the songs that made the album.

Stop 7"

Sadly, one of the only ways (that I know of) to support the band is to buy "Tranziphobia" from Amazon or Cherry Red Records.


  1. I am a huge MC4 fan, but have to say that when Sebastapol Rd. was released I was disapointed. I would say it was the beginning of the end for such a fine band. This single is quite good, and yes you are right about the B sides, being top notch songs. This ep has them too. It just seems that the sugar rush, million miles a minute playing and just great tunes kind of dried up at this point, which is a real shame to me. Your blog is such a great blog and the amount of work you put into it is inspiring. Keep up the great work. I love this blog!! Oh and thanks for posting something about MC4. They were an amazing band!!!!!!!!

  2. Kenny
    First off thanks for the great words, they help. Plsu Days of Our Yoputh kicks ass!
    It does seem a little like the end came for Mega City Four sometime around here. On the other hand this album is stronger in the song-writing department than "Who Cares Wins" which was still working in sugar rush mode.


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