Sunday, January 24, 2010

V.A. Teenage Kicks

As discussed yesterday, compilations from the tinfoil era of pop-punk (a.k.a. the mid-nineties) tended to go whole hog for quantity, leaving quality to fend for itself, which, pleasantly, it often did.

This Teenage Kicks CD, on Liberation Records, may be guilty of some over-stuffing, as it began as a ten inch (with extra 7" included) that had bonus tracks when it was issued on CD. Home-editing, according to your tastes, will be necessary but some points of interest include The Fondled, Propagandhi, The Hives (yup, that Hives), The Vindictives, The Parasite, Sicko and one fuck of a lot more.

Teenage Kicks CD

(And if anyone can explain how the Soda Punx got 314 downloads in two days let me know - it's either a bugger-up at MediaFire or someone just shared just the download link somewhere, which seems kinda cheap to me.)

P.S. Thanks to CallPastorBob for the emergency scanning.


  1. this one?

  2. Topper:
    You're most welcome.

    Yeah even Clash or Dylan downloads don't go up to 300+ for a week. Most pop-punk stuff hits about fifty-odd downloads after week's time and then crawls upwards.
    I just can't figure out how that comp, quality aside, racked up those numbers so fast. It's not terribly important it just has me curious...


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